Zapata 15 points perfect, ignited second place in Blue One-PBA Team League

January 12, 2023 0 Comments

Zapata scored all 15 points at once with two perfect bank shots in the first inning of the 3rd set of the 3rd set of the 5th round of the 6th round of the ‘2023 PBA Team League’ held on the 12th (Sonocam Goyang).

Gang Dong-gung, the leader of SK Rent-A-Car, failed to catch a cue and was completely defeated by 0:15.

Blue One, who took a 3-0 lead with Zapata’s perfect cue, won 4-1 and jumped to 2nd place, enabling them to fight NH and SK for a ticket before the playoffs with one ticket remaining.

SK Rent-A-Car still has one more chance even if it loses against Blue One, which is at the edge of the loser. Concentration and tenacity were stronger in Blue One.

Zapata and Eom Sang-pil defeated Leppens and Kang Dong-gung 11:6 in men’s doubles in the first set with continuous attacks without empty hits.

Zapata set the mood with 4 consecutive hits in 1 inning, and Um Sang-pil tied the knot with 4 consecutive hits in 4 innings.

Seo Han-sol and Kim Min-young of Blue One, who rode the flow, defeated Hida-Lee Woo-gyeong 9:8 with unprecedented strength.

Kim Min-young produced a reverse electrode by shooting 3 consecutive hits in 8 innings, which was losing 6:8.

Blue One’s 4th set mixed team was Kang Min-goo, Throng, and the strongest mixed team, so they even showed a complete 4-0 victory. However, SK did not go easy on it either. 바카라

Cho Joon-hwi and Kang Ji-eun counterattacked by scoring 8 points already in the 4th inning. Kang Min-goo and Throng caught up with 4 consecutive hits in 4 innings, but Jo Joon-hwi scored a set point in 5 innings and won 1 win.

However, he could no longer hold on to Blue One, who had already gained momentum.

Blue One’s Chapak, who was in charge of finishing, took the 5th set victory by hitting 8 consecutive hits with very precise shots in 4 innings.

Blue One won and NH and SK lost, making the three teams tied. The remaining two games of the three teams became even more bloody.

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