‘Yoo Kang-hyun-Tiago holder’ Lee Jin-hyun “I will send a perfect pass that cannot be missed”

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“I will make a more perfect pass so that I cannot miss it.”

Lee Jin-hyun (26, Daejeon Hana Citizen) will work with the 2023 season Yoo Kang-hyun (27)-Thiago (30) duo. Joining the two goalkeepers who conquered the K-League 2, he did not hide his greed for attack points.

Last season, Lee Jin-hyun played a big role in Daejeon’s first promotion in 8 years. He started both the 1st and 2nd games in the promotion playoff with Kim Cheon, and in the 2nd game in particular, he scored multiple goals, including a fantastic free kick, and played an active role as a first-class official.

Lee Jin-hyun signed a new contract with Daejeon ahead of this season. Having made his professional debut in Austria in 2017, he once again knocked on the European stage by participating in the prestigious Legia Warsaw training in Poland, but decided to return to Korea and continue with Daejeon.

On the afternoon of the 13th, Lee Jin-hyun attended the press conference for the 7th Media Camp of the 2023 K-League Winter Field Training held at the Samsung Hotel in Geoje and talked with the reporters. He said, “I shared deep feelings with Daejeon last year and achieved the goal of promotion together. I am very happy to be able to work with Daejeon for another season.” I want to help the team achieve their goals.”

First of all, Lee Jin-hyun is looking at 6th place or higher. He said, “The first goal is to advance to the Final A. If that fails, survival is the goal. Realistically, we are a team that has just been promoted, and our competitiveness has not yet been verified in K League 1.” Even if you look at the composition of the team, all of them are competitive players. I think it’s worth trying.”

Lee Jin-hyun then promised to present fun football to fans. He said, “I plan to try to accumulate attack points in every game. But the first goal is to play to help the team win.토토사이트” I want to. It is my hope that the fans can feel the joy and come to the stadium every week.

Then, what does Jinhyun Lee think are the strengths of Daejeon? He confidently said, “All players belong to a relatively young age group. Also, they are not too young and are of an appropriate age. They are sufficiently competitive in terms of energy level, activity level, and technical skills on the field.”

Lee Jin-hyun further revealed that he wants to become a versatile ‘hexagonal midfielder’. He revealed his dream, saying, “Personally, my goal is to become a hexagonal midfielder. Instead, I think the hexagon should grow a bit. So, I want to become a player who can perform well in all plays in any position and a player who always raises expectations.” did.

He picked physicality as a point to be supplemented to become a hexagonal midfielder. Lee Jin-hyun said, “I can’t help it with my height now, so I want to make up for the physical part and fight more boldly. Also, I need to make up for the defensive part a bit more. I want to make up for my weak points more because attacking is originally a part I am confident in.” explained.

Lee Jin-hyun is sweating so that his physicality will no longer remain as a weakness. He said, “Personally, I devote time to weight training every day. Through my experience in Europe, I felt that Koreans have some limitations compared to foreigners.” there is,” he said.

We also achieved tangible results. Lee Jin-hyun said, “My weight has increased by 2kg or 3kg. Now I weigh a little over 70kg. At first, I felt that my body was a bit heavy. He said he won’t fall. I’m feeling it while playing. My body is getting better and my strength is getting stronger. I’m training with faith.”

Ahead of the 2023 season, Daejeon simultaneously recruited Yoo Kang-hyun and Thiago, who finished first and second in the K-League 2 scoring last season. The addition of the two players who can score from the front is expected to be a great help to Lee Jin-hyun, who boasts a sharp kick.

When the story of Yoo Kang-hyun and Thiago came out, Lee Jin-hyun also said, “Since we recruited two big strikers, it definitely has an impact. It is reassuring to have two more. I have faith that if I send the ball somehow, I will be able to protect it and solve it.”

How is breathing at the training ground? Lee Jin-hyun said, “From the first time we played, we got along well. Both of them played for the team rather than trying to be selfish, so it seems to fit in. explained.

Next, Lee Jin-hyun said, “Kang Hyun-hyung is a style that focuses a little more on linkage or penetrating movements, and Thiago has strengths in scoring headers or directly in front of the goal. He is a style that focuses on goals,” he said. I was able to, but it was regrettable that I missed a lot. Now I plan to make a more perfect pass so that I cannot miss it at all. If my teammates score goals like that, I like it and the team is good,” he smiled.

Lastly, Lee Jin-hyun left a greeting to the fans of Daejeon who were passionately cheering. He said, “Last year, I gave a lot of joy through the gift of promotion. I want to give joy to the fans by showing fun soccer in the K League 1 without stopping here. If you come to the stadium and cheer a lot, I will repay you with victory.” promised

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