Yangcheon-gu, local amateur life soccer ‘Yangcheon K7 League’ launched

April 20, 2023 0 Comments

Yangcheon-gu, Seoul (Chief Lee Ki-jae) announced on the 20th that it would launch the ‘Yangcheon K7 League’ consisting of 6 teams based on the same district to expand the base of daily sports through soccer.

The K7 League is an amateur league under the Korea Football Association, established in 2017 to expand soccer infrastructure through fostering club leagues.

Unlike other existing leagues, the Yangcheon K7 League is a regional league that uses each dong as a base for each team.

Six new teams were reconstructed from 19 clubs in the area, considering performance and proximity.

They will play a total of 5 rounds from the end of this month, and the winning team will compete with the winning team from other districts in the Seoul area for promotion to K6.메이저사이트

The district plans to organize team supporters centered on each dong community center so that not only club members but also residents can cheer together with the goal of ‘a league that runs with the residents’.

The official launching ceremony will be held on the 14th of next month at Haemaru Soccer Field in Anyangcheon.

At the ’42nd Korea Football Association Long-term National Football Championship’ earlier this month, the Yangcheon-gu Football Association’s 50th standing army won the championship in 17 cities and provinces across the country, raising its status as a ‘leading football city’, the district explained.

The district plans to gradually expand to other events in the future to promote life sports.

Lee Gi-jae, head of Yangcheon-gu, said, “The Yangcheon K7 League is meaningful in that it is the first regional league to be attempted.” I hope to establish myself as one,” he said.

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