“With the right foot, not the main foot… the otherworldly finish!” Manchester City DF’s half-turned goal, fan praise explosion

January 28, 2023 0 Comments

“The world’s most beautiful goal! The world’s finish!”

On the 28th (Korean time), the FA Cup 4th Round (Round of 32) big match between ‘EPL Defending Champ’ Man City and ‘League No.

Shortly after Julian Alvarez’s shot hit the post and bounced off the post, Jack Grealish protected the ball from the left side of the box with a dribble that evaded the defender, then pushed the ball towards Ake, who came up behind him. Instead, he gently pushed the ball into the corner of the net with his right foot and soft touch. A goal like heaven, softly pushed by a defender, not an attacker, with his right foot, not the main foot, was a state of art. Man City overcame Arsenal’s wave of attacks in the last minute and firmly defended this one goal, winning a new 1-0 victory. With his first win against Arsenal for the first time this season, he succeeded in reaching the round of 16. 토토사이트

Fans praised the fantastic turnaround goal on social media.

‘Ake must have been a striker in a previous life. Wow! Such a beautiful finish… Messi-like finish, Beckham-like talent,” he praised. Another fan added a line, “Ake’s finish is incredible,” and praised it, saying, “Ake’s finish is really crazy with his feet, not his main feet.”

Thanks to Ake’s one goal, manager Pep Guardiola beat manager Mikel Arteta, a popular ‘best friend’ from Manchester City’s assistant coach. League defending champion Man City has won 5 consecutive wins against Arsenal since October 18, 2020, but Arsenal, who recorded only 1 loss this season, was different. Soccer fans around the world focused their attention on the confrontation between No. 1 Arsenal and No. 2 Man City, which had never faced each other in the league, but the result was Man City’s 6th consecutive win and Pep’s victory.

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