‘Winter’ happiness is not in order of sexuality

December 15, 2022 0 Comments

SSG Landers is the place where the winter of 2022 should be the happiest among the 10 professional baseball teams. After ending the regular season with a wire-to-wire victory, which was unprecedented in the history of the KBO league, he won a dramatic victory in the Korean Series.

Now that the after-party for the championship has been completed, moistness permeates the gaze toward SSG, which should be an object of envy for anyone in the professional baseball field. ‘Sympathy’ that doesn’t suit a champion is flooding in. An official from a professional baseball club who has worked for more than 20 years said, “In such a case, it seems that the achievements made during the year collapse at once, so I have no choice but to collapse. I think even the staff who have nothing to do with the ‘issue’ that is emerging right now will suffer a lot,” he said bitterly.

SSG is in a state of ‘controversial cutting board’ as general manager Ryu Seon-gyu, who is credited with winning this season, resigns and the movement of the ‘third person’ with the owner in the background stands out in the process of appointing a new general manager.

Owner Jeong Yong-jin, who was very close to the fans, expressed his discomfort through personal SNS as this issue arose. This year, SSG is fading not only on the ground, but also in the stand as the number one mobilization of spectators. The ‘happiness index’ inside and outside the club, which should be high, is also falling.

Come to think of it, a year is passing by where happiness in the winter is not guaranteed by season results alone. LG, which had the best season as well as SSG, also created several controversies during the process of replacing the manager after being caught in the playoffs. This is because LG also made many movements that seemed to go against the universal view while the acting owner came to the fore. The members of the LG club are also passing the year without being properly evaluated for their achievements this year.

Among the teams advancing to the postseason this season, only Kiwoom and KT are waiting for the new year without any problems. Rather, it seems that the teams that slipped at the threshold of fall baseball spend the end of the year in a substantial way and promise the next season. 토토사이트

As for the changes, Hanhwa, which is at the bottom of the season, is reorganizing the front with general manager Hyuk Son, and Doosan, which is in 9th place, is changing the atmosphere with new coach Lee Seung-yeop at the fore. Most of the clubs are spending the winter by washing away most of the traces of pain in the regular season and looking at next year with a hopeful gaze.

For example, both Samsung and NC are preparing for next year calmly by appointing an existing director as an official director rather than taking a risk, choosing ‘safe operation’. Lotte also seems to be trying to maintain Larry Sutton’s managerial system, but only revitalize it with changes in key staff, including pitching coach Bae Young-soo.

In a way, it happened in just two months. On October 11, the last day of the regular season, the teams standing in line on the professional baseball leaderboard and the ‘happiness leaderboard’ this winter are very different. It’s a season I don’t know.

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