Which club will luck raise the hand… Asia Quarter Draft ‘Big 4’ competition

April 27, 2023 0 Comments

Which team will luck favor?

The 2023 KOVO (Korean Volleyball Federation) Men’s Asia Quarter Draft will be held on the 27th at 3pm at the Sun Hotel Grand Ballroom in Jeju City.

Prior to this, on the afternoon of the 25th and 26th, the players’ skills were checked through practice games at Halla Gymnasium. Managers, coaches and force analysis agents of the 7 clubs have already analyzed the players and set the principles for nomination. Now only the name remains.

Since this draft is the first Asian quarter, the board of directors decided to assign the same marble lottery odds to the 7 clubs. The first-place probability is 14.28% for all clubs. It has nothing to do with last season’s performance.

In particular, the players selected this time can wear the uniform and accompany them for several seasons. Which choice you make is very important.

Summarizing the opinions of the coaches of the seven clubs, Bayarsaihan (197cm) and Eddie (198cm), who were from Mongolia and lived in Korea for six years and played an active role in college volleyball, are considered as the priority. The two players are also players who had a great impact on the implementation of the Asian quota system. There is no problem with communication, and the fact that he is in a state of adaptation to life in Korea is the background of the top ranking nomination.

Ryohei Iga (171cm), a Japanese national libero, is considered to have an immediate sense of power. Several teams want to start. The ability has already been confirmed with the eyes. Several teams want Taiwanese middle blocker Tsai Feichang (203cm). 크크크벳

The nominations of these four people are certain. This is the reason why all clubs say that it is a save if they want to be ranked 1st but only within the 4th rank.

There are players who are on the manager’s list even after the fifth place. There are also evaluations that his skills are better than expected by position. However, I sincerely hope that it is within the 4th place.

Managers and receptionists for the seven clubs are scattered across hotels in Jeju City and Seogwipo City. On the morning of the 27th, I will calmly prepare for the draft. Which team will reinforce their strength through a lucky nomination in Jeju?

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