‘When will the Uruguay-Ghana match end? ‘Reuters World Cup Top 10 Scenes’

The Korean national football team beat strong Portugal 2-1 thanks to Hwang Hee-chan’s winning goal in extra time in the second half in the final group H match of the 2022 Qatar World Cup group stage. As much as the thrill of victory, the nervousness was great. It was because he couldn’t make it to the round of 16 on his own. The players gathered on the ground and watched the unfinished match between Uruguay and Ghana on their mobile phones.

This scene was included in the top 10 scenes of the World Cup in Qatar announced by Reuters on the 18th.

Reuters introduced Korea’s dramatic advance to the round of 16 as the second of the top 10 best World Cup scenes.

Reuters reported, “With Hwang Hee-chan’s winning goal, a difficult period of waiting began for Korea. The players gathered in the center circle and watched the game on their mobile phones for about 10 minutes, hoping that Uruguay wouldn’t score any more goals.’

He added, “When the final 16 advance was finally confirmed, the Korean players rushed to the fans who were thrilled.”

In major international competitions, similar to the format of the World Cup, the final group stage matches are usually played at the same time. This is because if the results of other matches are known, the teams playing the matches may collude to advance to the next round.

The moment when the second place in Group H was confirmed was the most dramatic situation that could arise from the simultaneous hosting of the final match of the group stage.

On the other hand, Reuters selected the first match of the 10 best scenes as Saudi Arabia defeated Argentina 2-1 in the first match of the group stage.토토사이트

In addition to this, Lionel Messi (Argentina) beat Josko Gbardiol (Croatia)’s tenacious defense and made an assist, Cristiano Ronaldo (Portugal)’s tearful exit in the quarterfinals, the first female referee in the men’s World Cup history, Japan’s The victory over Germany, Morocco’s passionate fans, Germany’s elimination, which did not survive Group E, which was called the Group of Death, and the performance of Kylian Mbappe (France), who defeated Poland, were selected.

Lastly, Vincent Abubakar (Cameroon), who scored the winning goal in extra time in the second half of the last match of the group stage against Brazil, who had already been confirmed to advance to the round of 16, and was sent off due to accumulated warnings for taking off his shirt, also made a name for himself in the World Cup. The winning goal wasn’t everything. The scene where he shook hands with the referee while being sent off drew a lot of attention at the time.