What’s behind McIlroy and Reed’s feud? “I got a subpoena on Christmas Eve”

January 26, 2023 0 Comments

 Rory McIlroy (34, Northern Ireland) revealed the whole story of Patrick Reed (33, USA) ignoring his greetings.

At a press conference for the DP World Tour (formerly European Tour) Hero Dubai Desert Classic (total prize money: $9 million) held at the Emirates Golf Club in Dubai, United Arab Emirates (UAE) on the 26th (Korean time), McIlroy said, “Patrick came to say hello, but I He didn’t want to say hello.”

It was reported that McIlroy and Reed had met at the practice range the day before and Reed approached McIlroy to say hello, but McIlroy ignored it. In response, McIlroy was candid that he was busy practicing and didn’t feel the need to accept Reed’s greetings.

It was also reported that Reed threw a tee at McIlroy after being ignored by him, but McIlroy said he had not seen any such action. He added, “If I had just thrown a tee at him, I would have expected him to sue.” 안전놀이터

McIlroy took offense at Reed’s behavior, apparently because of what happened on Christmas Eve last year. LIV golf players have filed a lawsuit against the PGA Tour and the DP World Tour for barring them from competing, and attorney Larry Kleiman is handling the case. McIlroy said he received a subpoena to appear in court on Christmas Eve. Reid was not involved in the lawsuit, but Kleiman is said to be representing Reed in lawsuits against multiple media outlets.

McIlroy said, “I’m having a good time with my family and getting a subpoena in front of the house is not well received.”

At the same time, he undoubtedly expressed displeasure, saying, “Again, if I were in his position, he would not have greeted or shaken my hand.”

In response, Kleiman’s attorney made it clear that McIlroy’s subpoena had nothing to do with Reed. “It is ignorant to hold Reed accountable or upset because of a subpoena for a lawsuit in which Reed did not participate,” Kleiman said.

Reid did not care about McIlroy’s behavior, saying, “If the opponent acts like an immature child, he better be treated like that.”

“It was an interesting counterattack,” he said, because the tee he threw at McIlroy had the logo of his team, the 4 Aces, in LIV Golf.

McIlroy, who shows great antipathy to LIV golf, bluntly replied “no” to a question asking if straightening relations with another LIV golfer, Sergio Garcia (Spain), would help the European team ahead of the Ryder Cup. .

McIlroy, who is currently No. 1 in the men’s golf world rankings, will challenge his revenge for last year’s come-from-behind defeat at the Hero Dubai Desert Classic, which will be held from this afternoon. He tied for the lead in the 71st hole last year, but recorded a bogey on the last 18th hole (par 5) and lost the opportunity to play in overtime.

This event is also significant as McIlroy won his first professional championship in 2009. McIlroy, who won the event twice, said, “I have competed in this event for 17 years. It’s nice to feel comfortable and start the year here. It is a place like home,” he said confidently.

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