What is the effect of field training in Japan that Chosun University freshman Koo Bon-jun said?

March 23, 2023 0 Comments

 “It was good when Japanese players practiced defense because they were quicker and more skillful than Korean players. It also helped with attack practice.”

Chosun University lost 62-82 in the first game of the college basketball league against Hanyang University on the 14th.

Chosun University focused on players who had experienced the college basketball league for at least a year rather than freshmen in the game.

Among them, Koo Bon-jun (182cm, G), a freshman in the first grade, played for 34 minutes and 48 seconds, the second longest after Kim Hwan (39 minutes and 22 seconds), making 3 3-point shots (9 attempts), with 8 rebounds and 3 assists. .

Koo Bon-joon, whom we met ahead of the game against Korea University held at Chosun University on the 22nd, said, “I was trying to have fun with my friends in the 4th grade of elementary school, but I wanted to do it professionally because it was fun.” He learned team and tactical drills from middle school, and learned more tactics in high school. Coming to college seems to have more team defense and offense options,” he said, looking back on his time as a basketball player after starting basketball.

Chosun University went to Japan for field training twice last winter. The time I spent in Japan was about a month.

Bonjun Koo said, “I was nervous and excited because it was my first time going abroad. It was fun when I actually did it, and I liked it because it seemed like I was exercising more than being in Korea.” It also helped me during attack practice.”

Koo Bon-jun, who received many opportunities to participate in practice games during the winter training period, said, “In high school, I couldn’t move and stood and played a lot. He learned to move a lot while playing practice games, and also learned about team defense.”

When Koo Bon-joon mentioned the game against Hanyang University, he said, “I was nervous and nervous because it was my first game after coming to college. When I was running, my body was relaxed and my tension was relieved,” he said. “In high school, I went to one area and only played there, so (home and away college basketball league) is unfamiliar. You have to adapt gradually. Since the game was played at our home, there were a lot of spectators, so the heat was good, and it was the first game in college, so I enjoyed it,” recalling his college debut game. 스포츠토토

Koo Bon-joon, who is working as a shooting guard, said, “My homework is to make up for my weaknesses by working hard. He thinks that shooting is a strength, and the rest of the power and speed are lacking, so we have to make up for it by working hard on weight training.”

There are a total of 9 freshmen at Chosun University. There are many players with skills, so the number of available people has increased significantly.

When asked to pick a player with good breathing among the freshman year, Koo Bon-jun said, “I haven’t played much, but Kang Kang-soo has a good pass sense and has an eye for the game, so I’m looking forward to it. Since I came and played together, I have the ability to solve the game and help the players control their minds,” said Kang Kang-soo (180cm, G).

Bonjun Koo promised, “If you work hard and listen to the coach and coach, good results will come.”

In the game against Korea University, Koo Bon-jun recorded 5 points, 1 rebound, 1 assist and 1 steal, including 1 3-point shot.

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