‘Unwelcome’ Cuban missiles… Interested club fans “Please don’t recruit”

January 19, 2023 0 Comments

Aroldis Chapman (35), who once threw a fastball of 100 miles per hour (about 160.9 km), is not welcome anywhere.

On the 18th (Korean time), the sports media ‘Sports Kidda’ wrote about pitcher Chapman, who is a free agent (FA). Chapman is currently seeking a new team after his contract with the New York Yankees expired.

Chapman once boasted the best pitch in the major leagues. He made 38 saves in 2012, a full-fledged closer for the Cincinnati Reds. During his 13 years in the big leagues, he recorded 667 games, 27 holds, 315 saves, and an earned run average of 2.48, emerging as the best finisher in the league. 토토사이트

Chapman, who boasted a powerful pitch that overwhelmed his opponents, also suffered a decline in his skills. He had just nine saves last year, and his earned run average soared to 4.46. He was uneasy about his speed, and above all, his speed was greatly reduced. In the middle of the season, he was out due to an infection on his tattooed leg, causing controversy.

The media wrote, “Chapman had a 4.46 ERA last season and was pushed out by Clay Holmes (30). Also, he had a hard time, being excluded from the team’s postseason entry.”

“Despite his many problems, Chapman is still a left-handed pitcher who can upgrade the Miami Marlins’ bullpen.”

However, Miami fans voiced their disapproval at the news of Chapman’s signing. Over his last three seasons, his earned run average has exceeded the 3-point range, and his average velocity has been a career low of 96.8 miles (155.7 km).

Fans expressed negative opinions on personal social media, such as “(Recruiting Chapman) is a big mistake” and “Chapman is heading south (down) like his ability he has shown in recent years.”

Meanwhile, Chapman is in the midst of personal training in Miami. He is also from Cuba and is sweating with Audrey Sameer Des Paine (36), who played for KT Wiz until last year. Recently, pictures of him training with Ko Young-pyo (32, kt), Won Tae-in (23, Samsung Lions), and So-jun So (22, kt) became a hot topic.

Can Chapman, a Cuban-made missile who is being ignored, find a new team? It seems that the 2023 season will be more important than ever, even for a reversal of the recent sluggish trend and restoration of honor.

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