Unstoppable competition, 3 consecutive victories, bang! 

May 10, 2023 0 Comments

Gyeonggi-do continues its 3-game winning streak.

Kyonggi University defeated Sungkyunkwan University with a set score of 3-1 (25-19, 25-27, 25-16, 25-20) in the 2023 KUSF College Volleyball U-League held at Suwon Kyonggi University Gymnasium on the 10th.

Kyonggi University setter Choi Won-bin (junior grade, S, 185cm), outside heater Ji Kun-woo (junior grade, OH, 185cm) and Lee Yoon-soo (sophomore, OH, 199cm), apositit Jeon Jong-nyeong (junior grade, OP, 189cm), Middle blockers Yang Soo-hyeon (2nd year, MB, 201cm), Ahn Chang-ho (3rd year, MB, 195cm), and libero Kim Geon-hee (2nd year, L, 183cm) stepped onto the court first. Lee Yoon-soo scored 30 points and Ji Geon-woo scored 14 points, making a big success. 

Sungkyunkwan University’s setter is Kim Tae-won (junior, S, 188cm), outside hitters Kwon Tae-wook and Lim Min-ho, apositive Eddy (junior, OP, 199cm), middle blocker Bae Ha-joon and Jang Ha-rang, libero Na Hye-seong (junior, L , 180cm) was the starter. Sungkyunkwan University’s Kwon Tae-wook and Kim Jae-min scored 11 points and Lim Min-ho scored 9 points, but they were disappointing in their decision-making power. 

In the first set, Kwon Tae-wook (Junior, OH, 189cm) of Sungkyunkwan University pressed the opponent with a serve. Although the receiving line of Gyeonggidae faltered, it was made up for with a successful attack. Sungkyunkwan University suffered from the absence of an offensive bow. As the untidy appearance continued, they failed to connect their chances to goals. On the other hand, all the strikers in the competition team took the first set, showing off their decisive power.

Sungkyunkwan University’s apposite Kim Jae-min took to the court first. Lim Min-ho (3rd grade, OH, 193cm) came back to life, and continued to score certain points, increasing the score. The opponent’s momentum slowed the competition. Sungkyunkwan University’s middle blockers are also beginning to be seen. Ha-joon Bae (4th grade, MB, 198cm) and Ha-rang Jang (4th grade, MB, 195cm) continued to block, and the gap widened to 6 points. Gyeonggi University also did not back down. Choi Won-bin saved the fire of the pursuit by taking a snow stamp with a powerful serve. Sungkyunkwan University was disappointing in concentration after 20 points. The offense continued, allowing a 22-22 tie. Sungkyunkwan University setter Kim Tae-won finished the deuce, which continued to 25-25, with a sub ace.

Kyonggi University made a change by putting Lim Ji-woo in the apogee in the 3rd set. Lim Ji-woo, who was put in, increased the score by adding vitality to the court. Sungkyunkwan University failed to hold its center once again. In the third set, Gyeonggidae had fun as a serve. Choi Won-bin and Lee Yoon-soo hit the sub ace and brought the flow. On the other hand, Sungkyunkwan University did not have a striker to prepare a foothold for the pursuit. The middle blocker, which was a strong point, was also quiet, and the game was difficult. Kyonggi University scored fiercely against Sungkyunkwan University, which lost momentum. Even the middle blocker Ahn Chang-ho’s sub survived, but perhaps because of the score, the number of errors in the game table increased rapidly. In response, Sungkyunkwan University tried to maintain the atmosphere by putting in setter Cho Seung-yeon, but it was not enough to reverse the score difference.토스카지노

Setter Cho Seung-yeon of Sungkyunkwan University started the 4th set first. Both teams focused on the serve. A number fight ensued, exchanging strong serves. In the third set, Gyeonggi University Lee Yoon-soo came out as a solver. He was responsible for a clear attack path and made the fingertips of setter Choi Won-bin much lighter. 

Sungkyunkwan University’s fast-paced breathing was out of sync, and monotonous patterns dominated. Sungkyunkwan University Kwon Tae-wook silently fulfilled his responsibility. The atmosphere that could easily have been overcome was captured with another sub ace, but the offense of the Gyeonggi University triangle increased again, and Sungkyunkwan University gave a set to the crime. 

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