Tigers Express vs Comet Express… The 2nd round of the match against the king of thieves, there are also special center fielders

January 10, 2023 0 Comments

The 2nd round of the King of Stolen match begins.

Modern baseball is not highly dependent on stolen bases. In fact, in the 2022 season, 10 clubs attempted to steal a total of 1257 times. 890 were successful. 70.8% success rate. On the other hand, the 10 teams in the 2021 season had 1335 stolen base attempts. 941 was successful. 70.5% success rate. The stolen base rate increased slightly, but the attempts decreased slightly.

It is true that stealing attempts per team and per game have decreased compared to the late 2000s, when foot baseball was popular with SK and Doosan. When each team develops a hitter with scientific weight training techniques, tracking data, and launch angle revolution, they first focus on improving their long-running power rather than running base. 안전놀이터

But that doesn’t mean the league is ignoring stealing. Baseball is a game of cheating and cheating and a game of rock-paper-scissors. When the guard against stealing is relaxed, there is no magic potion to control the flow of the game as much as attempting to steal a base and succeeding. Most teams give greenlights to players who are fast and have good running sense.

KIA coach Kim Jong-guk gave the green light to most players as soon as he took office. Occasionally, there was a case where they gave a sign telling them not to steal, but it wasn’t the style of giving a sign separately to tell them to steal. Manager Kim, who had the experience of stealing the bases during his active career and was quick on his feet, is a leader who emphasizes aggressive base running more than anyone else.

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