“This happened overnight” Command towers uncomfortable with the Heungkuk Life Insurance incident… Director Cha Sang-hyun also has one voice

The coach who ran second in the league was virtually hardened for no apparent reason. It is inevitable that the commanders of other teams, who are ‘partners’ apart from their competitors, will feel uncomfortable.

Heungkuk Life Insurance won the match against GS Caltex in the 4th round of the Dodram V League held at Incheon Samsan Gymnasium on the 5th with a set score of 3-2.

For Heungkuk Life Insurance, this is the first game after parting ways with former coach Kwon Soon-chan on the 2nd due to a ‘direction difference’. The shock was even greater because it happened right after the end of the year-end regular season against Hyundai Engineering & Construction, ending a 9-game losing streak and winning. Heungkuk Life Insurance quickly appointed Shin Yong-jun, the new general manager, and Lee Young-soo, acting manager. This is in order to quickly rectify the squad, which was once even raised as to whether or not to boycott. However, after the match, acting manager Lee Young-soo announced his resignation.

GS Caltex coach Cha Sang-hyun is also a close friend of former coach Kwon who played together at Samsung Fire & Marine Insurance when he was a player. Before the game, he said, “I want to focus on the game.”

Director Cha, who met with the reporters again after the unfortunate loss, said, “There are many things I want to say honestly. Who would be happy if a friend who was a year junior at Samsung Fire & Marine Insurance and who had been faithfully coaching became like that overnight. If you say something wrong, the repercussions can be great. It’s work, so I’ll spare my words as much as possible.” 토토

Volleyball players are expressing their absurdity and dissatisfaction with Heungkuk Life Insurance’s treatment of blowing away the manager, who was running second in the league and looking forward to the championship, with Sim Moo-sik at the beginning of the new year. No one can understand the absurd explanations such as “It didn’t match the direction of the team” and “Personal conflict between the manager and the manager.”

Previously, Woori Card coach Shin Young-cheol said, “It’s difficult to argue with other teams’ choices,” but “Coachs only do their best to win. It’s the club’s own right to send a coach out, but we have to do our best in each other’s roles.” did not

Director Kim Ho-cheol of IBK Industrial Bank conveyed a more honest intention. He said, “It seems to be a disregard for volleyball work. I don’t know if there is a problem with coach Kwon… I feel like I am being ignored as a volleyball player.” Kang Seong-hyung, director of Hyundai E&C, also expressed his bewilderment, saying, “I didn’t even think of it. There are many absurd things in life, but…”