“There is no quiet team” Dissonance everywhere, it’s not just a problem with the salary cap

January 11, 2023 0 Comments

 Salary negotiations for each club are experiencing unusual pain.

Normally, it is the time when press releases on salary renewal contracts should come out one by one. All clubs are silent as if they promised. This is because every team has players who are going through some difficulties.

There was not a single player who applied for salary arbitration in the KBO League, which ended on the 10th.

However, the negotiating table is not quiet. Voices of dissatisfaction are heard everywhere. Why.

The biggest reason is the aftermath of the salary cap that will be implemented from this season. The free agent market, which had a lot of transfers centered on catchers, was active mainly for teams with room for a salary cap. To that extent, the height of the total annual salary of each club was adjusted. In the process, most clubs have reduced their salary cap margins.

The situation where the margin for the total amount is tight. An inevitable zero-sum is taking place. In order to raise a certain player a lot, you have to cut other players that much. This is the reason why complaints are rampant here and there over the ‘degree’.

The salary cap isn’t everything.

The coordination work for the 2024 internal FA crackdown is also having an impact on salary negotiations.

The salary cap requires long-term planning by the club. In the case of large free agents or non-FA multi-year contracts, the annual salary must be adjusted to focus on a specific year according to the club situation.

As a result, it is predicted that the 2024 FA market will become relatively quiet. There is no room for a salary cap, and there are not many big players considering the players who are missing in advance due to non-FA multi-year contracts.

For this reason, clubs with semi-preliminary free agents need preliminary work to prevent leakage. 슬롯사이트

If possible, in the process of negotiating salary, you need to make a grade A or B so that you can receive a compensation player in case of an unexpected transfer. Compensation players are shackles that make it difficult for free agents who are not big players to transfer. In order to prevent a surge in ransom due to competition from other teams in advance, the original club needs to attach these heavy shackles to the players to encourage them to stay.

It is a strategic choice for the club, but from the point of view of the players, there is no choice but to voice voices.

In particular, if you strategically raise the reserve free agency salary, damage players will come out. In the salary cap pie, it is inevitable to discharge victims who should receive less. Players can’t be unaware of this. This is the reason why they are not willing to sign for an unexpected less increase or more reduction. Expected turbulence in salary negotiations. Can you find the wisdom of Solomon?

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