The world’s walls were high, but… Men’s handball valuable experience

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Frustration in advancing to the World Championship Finals

25-38 defeat against Iceland ,
3 consecutive losses, but

the world’s walls were high. I didn’t even get the 1 win I expected. The Korean men’s handball team, which participated in the 28th World Championships in Poland and Sweden, failed to advance to the final round with three consecutive losses. For the first time in history, they appointed a foreign coach, Hollando Freitas (58, Portugal), and prepared with more determination than ever before, but the results of this tournament were disappointing.

The national team lost 25-38 in the match against Iceland in the group stage of the tournament held in Kristianstad, Sweden on the 17th. After losing against Hungary and Portugal, the national team, which finished at the bottom of the group with 3 losses, will move to Puotsk, Poland, to prepare for the President’s Cup, which is a ranking match.토토사이트

Still, it wasn’t without hope. First of all, I gained valuable experience. The national team was eliminated from the regional qualifiers after the 2013 competition in Spain and could not even participate in the world championships. In the 2019 competition, which was long-awaited, a unified North-South team participated, and in the 2021 competition, a university team participated in the aftermath of the novel coronavirus infection (Corona 19) and missed the flow. Head coach Freitas said, “While European teams gain experience by interacting with each other, our national team has no chance to play a match between national teams other than in a big tournament like this.” Since then, mistakes have been frequent.”

Gaining confidence is also a harvest. Lee Hyeon-sik (31, SK) said, “I knew that I was lacking in terms of physique, but I was not inferior to foreign players in terms of technique or stamina. Many players must have felt how to fill this part.” In fact, in this group stage, Kim Dong-wook (26, Doosan) and Lee Hyun-shik were named ‘Player of the Match’ by the crowd despite their defeat. This means that the national team performed well enough to have outstanding players in the match from the losing team, not the winning team.

The national team is determined to strengthen their confidence through the Presidents Cup, where the lowest-ranked players in each group gather. Captain Jeon-Gu Kang (33, Doosan) said, “When the national team met a world-class team, I first thought, ‘Can we win?’ I don’t know if I can play for the national team, but the next tournament will definitely be different.”

Meanwhile, the men’s national team will participate in the Hangzhou Asian Games in September, followed by the Paris Olympics in Qatar from October 18th.

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