The toughest CB in the EFL, ‘tackle class’ to son → Shocked fans “He’s a 1-year-old baby…”

February 23, 2023 0 Comments

English Premier League Tottenham Hotspur centre-back Christian Romero is famous for playing the roughest defense in the Premier League.

This season he has played 37 times in various competitions, receiving 12 yellow and 1 red card. He plays rough defense so much that he gets a yellow card every three games.

However, Romero, who is famous for such a rough tackle, is being criticized by fans for releasing a video.

British media published an article on the 23rd토토사이트, ‘Watch Romero tackle his young son’. In a word, it is an article that is somewhat sarcastic that even the son is not safe. Because this son is only one year old. A child named Valentino was born in December 2021. He’s just passed the stone.

Tottenham’s wild defender Romero uploaded a video of himself doing a slide tackle on social media. It is said that he showed no mercy even Joja to the young child. Of course, there was no tackle that caused physical contact towards a one-year-old child, and it was a joke video, but it is still an act that should not be done to a child. Fans’ opinions are not wrong.

In the video, a child in baby clothes is standing in the living room, toddlering. Romero is wearing sneakers and controlling a small ball. Barefoot child has fun.

Then Romero spread his legs and took a position as if he was tackling the kid. He naturally had no physical contact. Afterward, he hugged the child.

It must be a prank to entertain the child at home. However, fans who saw this seemed uncomfortable to watch.

It goes so far as to say that Chivalrous Romero used a vicious slide tackle before ending the scene with a one-year-old in his arms.

Maybe that’s why fans also wrote, “Even Romero’s baby isn’t safe.” Some fans presumed that “he should show red” or “her wife must have already given him yellow”.

“I’ve seen red for less.” A fourth said, “Her wife must have already given him yellow.”

Romero, on the other hand, is known for his rough defense, which has led to booing from the crowd and frequent criticism of referees. He is a bad boy on the ground. He also received a red card in a match against Manchester City earlier this month.

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