The season is over, but the PO opponent is undecided? Carrot’s ‘not small’ ball 

March 30, 2023 0 Comments

 The season is over, but there are still variables. The not small ball launched by Goyang Carrot is waiting for its ending.

On the 29th, the 2022-2023 SKT Adot Professional Basketball regular league ended. In the fierce battle for second place, Changwon LG laughed. SK had to be satisfied with 3rd place, losing in the goal difference even after winning all 6 rounds.

All that remains now is the ‘Spring Basketball’ playoffs (PO). Jeonju KCC in 6th place, Seoul SK in 3rd place, Carrot in 5th place and Hyundai Mobis in Ulsan in 4th place face off to advance to the semifinals. The winning team Anyang KGC and runner-up team LG await them in the PO of the semifinals.

But variables still remain. The question is whether Carrot will be able to pay the remaining 1 billion won of subscription fees on time. The KBL board of directors has already declared that if Carrot fails to pay the remaining subscription fee on the 31st, he will be disqualified from advancing to the playoffs.

If Carrot does not pay it in full, the worst situation will occur in which the 5th place team cannot go to PO for the first time. For carrot players, it is an absurd situation in which they have to run hard and get qualified, but they have to be nervous.

Not only Carrot, but also other clubs have the same headache. If it’s normal, since the bracket is confirmed, SK, Hyundai Mobis, and KCC should all start custom training for the opponent team as usual. Teams starting their schedule with an away game should arrange accommodation and transportation in advance.

This time around, things are a little different. Depending on how the carrot situation is resolved, the opposing team may suddenly change. Of course, I will prepare for the PO game under the assumption that there are no variables, but I can’t completely shake off the unpleasant feeling that remains in the corner of my heart.

7th place Wonju DB is in a similar situation. Normally, you would have to look back on one season and start preparing for the next season, but it is ambiguous to let go of the ball at all because there are variables. Acting DB coach Kim Joo-seong also said ahead of the SK match, “I don’t know what will happen to Carrot. If we go to the 6th round, there is a high possibility of fighting SK. The players have this motivation, so I ordered them to do their best until the end.”스포츠토토

Full-fledged spring basketball will begin on the 2nd of next month. After starting with Media Day on the 31st, Hyundai Mobis (4th place) and Carrot (5th place) will have their first confrontation on April 2nd, followed by SK (3rd place) and KCC (6th place) on the 3rd. If Carrot cannot pay the remaining subscription fee, DB will qualify for 6th place, and Hyundai Mobis-Egis and SK-DB will face each other. 

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