The promise of an EPL super-tall striker… “I will stay at Manchester United”

January 27, 2023 0 Comments

Boot Verhost wants to play for Manchester United more.

Verhost has joined Manchester United in the winter transfer window. The Dutch connection with coach Eric ten Hag influenced the signing of Verhost. Although his performance at Burnley was not so good, Verhost was loaned out to Besiktas in the Turkiye League and made a comeback. Man Utd, looking for striker resources, reached out to Verhost, and Verhost moved to Manchester United on loan.

He scored his debut goal after 3 matches. Verhost started as a starter in the first leg of the English Football League Cup (EFL Cup) semi-final against Nottingham Forest and contributed to the team’s 3-0 victory by scoring a valuable extra goal in the 45th minute. It was a scene where the off-the-ball ability, which was considered an advantage of Verhost, stood out. Although he joined the team during the season, Verhost is steadily adapting. 메이저사이트

Verhost wants to play more for Manchester United. Asked after the game if he wanted to play longer at United, Verhost said: “Of course. United is a big club and I will do my best as I can. I think if I do well, there will be good results. “I was looking for it. The team wanted one more striker and it’s up to me to see if I can get a chance.”

It seems that he is already close with Marcus Rashford, who is breathing in the front. Verhorst said of Rashford, “Rashford is doing great on the training ground and in the game every week. Rashford’s performance is great. He is a really good guy and he was the first teammate to come to me when I scored. “We have a good relationship. Rashford is a really important player to us. He’s a huge part of the way we play.”

It’s pretty good for Manchester United to have Verhost continue to play well and stay in the team. Even if it is not Verhost, Manchester United is likely to start looking for a new striker again in the summer transfer market. If Verhost, who has already been breathing, remains on the team, the burden of Manchester United’s transfer market can be slightly reduced.

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