“The key player on our team is… ” Who are they who hold the key to victory 

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“The key player on our team… .”

Representative players from the six clubs that will splendidly decorate KBL’s spring attended the 2022-23 SKT A-Dot Professional Basketball Playoff Media Day held at Seoul Olympic Parktel on the 31st. And they introduced the players who held the key to victory and expected an active performance.

Byun Jun-hyung, the ace of Anyang KGC who placed first in wire-to-wire, pointed out Sung-gon Moon and Ji-hoon Park. The two players are the core of defense and bench. It was also the reason why KGC was able to run to No. 1 without ups and downs. And he mentioned Omari Spellman’s focus.

Byun Jun-hyung said, “If (Moon) Seong-gon hyung and (Park) Ji-hoon hyung do a little better, I think we can go smoothly. (Omari) If the spell man is also more focused, he will be able to play a good game.”

Changwon LG’s Lee Kwan-hee chose Jeong Hee-jae and Yoon Won-sang. He said, “I think the reason why we can do fancy ceremonies during the game is thanks to (Jeong) Hee-jae and (Yoon) Won-sang. I received a lot of help to the extent that it is regrettable that they did not receive the defense award at this awards ceremony.”

Seoul SK Kim Seon-hyeong, who shined as the regular league MVP, mentioned veteran shooter Heo Il-young. He said, “I want to pick (Heo) Ilyoung hyung. He was able to win because he played an important role in important moments last season. This season, he is playing a more important role than ever, taking more playing time. He is a strong player in big games, so I look forward to it.” 카지노

RJ Avarientos, who was the first foreign rookie king and led Ulsan Hyundai Mobis’ run to the top, talked about Shin Min-seok and Choi Jin-soo. He did not forget the two players who made Hyundai Mobis’ new basketball possible.

Avarientos said, “Shin Min-seok and Choi Jin-soo are key players on our team. It is a good size and a resource that helps to use the coat wide. I can help the big men better,” he said.

Lee Jung-hyun of Goyang Carrot said, “I think Didric Lawson is the key player. Our team defense is well organized. He also tends to do a lot of aggressive defense,” he said with confidence, “I think that an exciting basketball can be played only when the attack through Lawson is well made.”

Lee Seung-hyun of Jeonju KCC, who rode the last train of the playoffs. He did not forget his ace, Heo Woong.

Lee Seung-hyun said, “It hasn’t been long since (Heo) Woong-i returned. He has not yet recovered his condition, but as he is the ace of the team, he will become more scared if he raises his condition to 100%.”

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