“The goal is to win, tonight is a really great night” Dodgers history, thrilling impressions of a 200-win pitcher

April 19, 2023 0 Comments

Los Angeles Dodgers left-hander Clayton Kershaw expressed his impressions of achieving 200 wins.

Kershaw started on the 19th (Korean time) in the 2023 Major League Baseball game against the New York Mets held at Dodger Stadium in Los Angeles, California, USA. .

The Dodgers won 5-0. On this day, Kershaw became a pitcher with 200 wins (88 losses) in his personal career since he won 5 wins (5 losses) in 2008 when he debuted in the big leagues.

Kershaw became the third Dodgers pitcher to reach 200 wins, following Don Sutton (233 wins) and Don Drysdale (209 wins). “The goal is to win,” he said, “but it’s a really great night.” 카지노

“My 200 victories are only a product of being on a great team,” he added.

Three years into his 2010 big league debut, he posted his first double-digit win (13-10). After that, until 2017, he won more than 10 wins every year for 8 consecutive seasons. He also had 21-win seasons in 2011 and 2014.

He won 16 wins (5 losses) in 2019, double-digit multipliers in 2021 (10 wins) and 2022 (12 wins), winning more than 10 wins 11 times until last year.

In the process of reaching 200 wins, Kershaw left a splendid footprint, including a 9-time National League All-Star, 3-time Cy Young Award, and 1-time MVP, becoming the top pitcher in the major leagues.

MLB.com said, “After the game, Freddie Freeman and his teammates toasted Kershaw with champagne at the Dodgers clubhouse. We celebrated the greatest moment that will go down in history.”

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