‘Taegeuk mark three students’ Jung Woo-young “I want to go to all three national teams this year”… Departure ten days early

January 29, 2023 0 Comments

LG Twins Jung Woo-young (24) left for Arizona on the 21st with Oh Ji-hwan, Kim Yun-shik and Kang Hyo-jong. He left the country 10 days earlier than the team’s main base, which is leaving for the spring camp on the 30th.  

This is to prepare for the 2023 World Baseball Classic (WBC) without a hitch. Jung Woo-young said, “I’ve always preferred individual training abroad, but I couldn’t do that because of Corona 19.”

Jung Woo-young was thrilled when he received the official ball for the tournament last month. He was thrilled when his name was included in the final 30 entries announced on the 4th. He laughed, saying, “The moment I’ve been dreaming of since becoming a professional baseball player has come true. He’s fine throwing all the WBC games.”  

It was the Taegeuk mark that I wanted so much. Jung Woo-young, who was the rookie of the year in 2019, grew every year by recording 16 holds, 20 holds, 27 holds, and 35 holds over the four seasons after joining.  

However, he had no relationship with the Taegeuk mark. Jung Woo-young was dropped from the 2019 Premier12 and 2020 Tokyo Olympic roster. The 2022 Hangzhou Asian Games, which were scheduled to be held last year, were postponed for a year in the aftermath of Corona 19. He played an active role as the league’s top-notch setup man, but he regretted that he had never been able to wear the Taegeuk mark.   토토사이트

Baseball team coach Lee Kang-cheol, a former “underhand” pitcher, selected Jung Woo-young, a “sidearm pitcher” who won the hold king in 2022, to the national team. Jung Woo-young is an unfamiliar sidearm pitcher on the international stage, so his utilization may be higher. He said, “I had several opportunities before, but I also had the experience of being eliminated. I was desperate to play at least this tournament.” “he said.  

Expectations are high in preparing for the WBC. He said, “Aren’t there many outstanding players, including major league players, on the US and Japanese national teams in this tournament? I have high expectations when thinking about facing players I’ve only seen on TV. Also, I wonder how batters will react to my ball.” laughed  

Jung Woo-young was born in 1999 in the Year of the Rabbit. When asked about his goal this season, he said without hesitation that he would “go to the national team all three times.” Starting with the WBC in March, it means participating in the Hangzhou Asian Games (September) and the Asian Professional Baseball Championship (APBC, November), which have age restrictions. He, who had been feeling the sadness of dropping out of the national team, said, “I am grateful if you always call me to the national team. “he emphasized.  

Sincerely serving the national team, he is even supporting his junior Kang Hyo-jong’s training abroad at his own expense. Jung Woo-young emphasized, “For a pitcher, 10 days (to build a body for the season) is a big difference. Since it’s a March tournament, I want to work hard and quickly build a body. This year, I have to raise my pace more than usual.”  

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