Suwon Jeong Seung-won “Rumors are rumors… We have to show them here”

January 29, 2023 0 Comments

 “Rumors are rumors. I think so.”

Jeong Seung-won (26, Suwon Samsung) opened up about the ‘rumors’ surrounding him. Jeong Seung-won made his K-League debut in 2017 in a Daegu FC uniform. Although he is not tall (1m70), he hit the ground with active movement and speed. Above all, he contributed to the team as a multi-player, playing a variety of positions, from attacking midfielder to side striker and fullback.

Jeong Seung-won, who exploded his potential in his team, also played as a key player in the national team for each age group. He is a winning member of the 2020 Asian Football Confederation (AFC) Under-23 (U-23) Championship. He participated in the Tokyo Olympics wearing the Taegeuk mark. But apart from this, there is a lot of talk on and off the field. He recently even came up with transfer rumors.

At a recent official press conference held in Jeju, Jung Seung-won said, “Rumors are rumors. I think so. I don’t care. It’s not a known fact, but it’s staggering to come out as a rumor. We have to show it here.”

Despite the controversy surrounding his performance, he said, “I felt a lot of pressure after wearing number 10 at first. I never thought that I had to show something, but I felt pressure after wearing number 10. I went back and forth, but it seems that the muscles used are different, so I seem to have accumulated a lot of fatigue. I had a desire to do well after I first transferred, and I wanted to do better. Because I worked too hard, my muscles were not good during the game. I felt exhausted. This year We have to show a better image,” he explained. 토토사이트

Jeong Seung-won is preparing for the 2023 season with a grit. From the time of winter training, I have been controlling my body condition by managing my diet as well as training. He said, “I did the first battery training in Geoje. There was a lot of hard training. My body was very heavy. I came to Jeju for the second training. My physical condition is not bad. It’s a style to gain weight. Even though I run a lot, I gain weight as much as I eat. I’m adjusting it. I’m reducing carbs. My body seems to have improved.”

He is also concentrating on getting in sync with his teammates. He said, “A lot of young players have joined. I don’t have much professional experience. I want to talk more. My age is just in the middle of the team. I have a role to play. I tend to open my wallet a lot. I drink a lot of coffee, I eat a lot of rice too. The players eat a lot of rice,” he laughed.

Jeong Seung-won’s goal is clear. He said, “The position I want to play in the current situation is right back, but now the position that the team needs me is midfielder. I think I am much better than last year. I’m looking forward to it more. Last year was very difficult.”

Jeong Seung-won said, “If possible, I want to go up to the Final A. I want to go to the Asian Champions League (ACL). My personal goal is to score a lot of points. I’m doing better than last year. I’m preparing as well as the fans want. You can look forward to it when the season starts. It seems,” he said, resolving.

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