Stronger Typhoon from Busan, Lotte ‘Top of the KBO’ Whip management knows 

May 15, 2023 0 Comments

The typhoon from Busan is strong. Lotte, which is on a high-flying march with the highest win rate (0.633) in the opening 30 games since 1986, is at the center of the typhoon. The originator of ‘Shinbaram Baseball’, which old fans know, is driving the wind once again.

As of the 15th, Lotte is in second place alone (19 wins and 11 losses). It is 1.5 games from the leader SSG, and the gap is wider than 3rd place LG, which is 1 game away, but it is thanks to the lead in win rate. It is encouraging that SSG has played 36 games and LG has played 35 games, recording a high win rate despite playing relatively few games. It means that the momentum is good.

Lotte Jeon Jun-woo is hitting. yunhap news

Recently, the harmony between the new and the old stands out in the Lotte game. Noh Jin-hyeok and Yoo Gang-nam, who joined the veteran corps such as Jeon Jun-woo and An Chi-hong as free agents, are taking turns raging. In addition to high school graduate (Whimungo) rookie Kim Min-seok, Yoon Dong-hee, who recently joined the first team, is playing an active role in all directions. Kim Min-seok’s batting average for the season is only 0.229, but he has good concentration during the game, and he persistently harasses the opponent’s battery when he gets on base using his quick feet. Yoon Dong-hee, who entered the first team after receiving good reviews in the Futures League, is playing a vital role with a batting average of 0.348 in 11 games.

The ideal ensemble, led by veterans and pushed by young players, played a big role in stabilizing the mound, which had relatively ups and downs. Park Seung-wook, who had a strong ‘backup’ image, batting average of 0.357, and Ahn Kwon-soo, who is running as if this year is the last, 0.305, acting as an invisible link, are also driving Lotte’s upward trend.

Lotte Ahn Chi-hong is hitting lightly. yunhap news

Particularly noteworthy is the disappearance of ‘blind full swing’. He showed his concentration not to miss the opponent’s mismatch, but it was effective to swing with a certain number of goals for each runner situation and ball count. Instead of trying to send more than 100m, he tries to send the ball to a space where there are no fielders centered on the line drive, which increases the value of the batting line.토스카지노

The fact that the team ranked 5th (147 points) despite the bottom of the team in home runs (13) and hits (262) (13) indicates that the perception has changed to value efficiency rather than splendor. Thanks to this, the game operation centered on the bullpen Pilseungjoong, composed of Koo Seung-min, Choi Jun-yong, Kim Jin-wook, and Kim Won-joong, is turning around to starters. Dan Strayley has recovered and is on track, and Charlie Barnes is also recovering from a sluggish start in the season. If only Park Se-woong finds his place, the mound can also find stability.

Lotte Park Se-woong is fighting back. yunhap news

Of course, as you go through the season, you may fall into a slump due to mismatched pitching. Lotte, which is showing off a thicker layer of players than in previous years, is preparing Plan B and Plan C and is quenching itself in the Futures League. The fact that there is an expectant stock that can be replaced at any time when a vacancy occurs is expected to be a support for Lotte, which dreams of becoming a ‘top player’.

The key is the persistence of veterans. In any case, veterans who have gone through all the battles must complete the season so that young players can play their games without fear. It cannot be denied that it is the veterans who lead Lotte’s high-altitude march. It’s time for management to think about how to whip a galloping horse. Depending on the timing, it is decided whether to leap to the ‘Top of the KBO’.

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