‘Storm growth’ Yangjun, a 3rd year student at Korea University, “I will become a player who is good at dirty work”

February 17, 2023 0 Comments

Yang Joon is the guardian under the goal of Korea University. 

Korea University has been conducting winter training in Geoje, Gyeongsangnam-do, since the 13th for the 2023 College Basketball League. 

Korea University invites Yeosu Hwayang High School and Muryong High School to hold a practice game in the first week of off-campus training, and in the second week, it invites Cheongshin Heung High School, Masan High School, and Sangsan Electronic High School to refine its tactics. 

Ahead of this season, there were many evaluations that the overall height of Korea University was lowered, but as a result of watching through field training, 3rd year Yang Jun achieved remarkable growth and showed enough activity to dispel the concerned eyes of the surroundings. 

Yang Jun said, “I had a shoulder 바카라injury, so after resting and rehabilitating, I participated in the off-season training. It was difficult to play practice games in a row with a lot of physical strength, but I tried hard to improve my physical condition.”

Currently on Korea University’s roster, Shin Joo-young and Yang Joon are marked as centers, but both players are the type to enjoy playing outside the goal. However, ahead of this season, Yang Jun promised to do dirty work behind the goal. 

Yang Jun said, “From last year’s National Sports Festival to the regular season, I exercised and played practice games without an orthodox center. Although there was a sense of pressure and responsibility from that, I got used to it a lot.” I practiced catching, footwork, movement, etc. Since I was in the lower grades, I tried to move a lot under the goal, so it became easier to play. In field training, I think the parts I practiced come out because I am taller and stronger than high school students. When the league kicks off, we will be able to show more like this.” 

In fact, after entering Korea University, Yang Joon did not show much activity. However, he also showed a lot of determination that this season would be different.

He said, “I want to be seen as a ‘player who is good at dirty things’ when outsiders evaluate me. In particular, I want to contribute to the team’s victory through rebounding and body fighting. In order to be together, I think I need to show more of what I can do well.” 

He continued, “I did a lot of weight training through winter training. I think my body got bigger at that time. Trainer Kim Hyeon-gu helped me plan the program well, and the director and coaches guided me well.” 

Yang Joon, who became a high school senior in the third grade, said, “When I look at my juniors, I look similar to what I did in the lower grades. 

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