SSG Growing Suspicions… Will Owner Jeong Yong-jin, ‘The King of Communication’, Respond?

December 13, 2022 0 Comments

The aftermath of the ‘voluntary resignation’ of general manager Ryu Seon-gyu (52), who led SSG Landers to its first championship, is not abating.

In a phone call with Star News on the 13th, general manager Ryu Seon-gyu said, “I said I would quit yesterday (12th) morning. It has been decided,” he said.

When the news of his resignation was reported, the reaction of baseball fans was a crucible of shock. It is because it is not easy to understand that the general manager of the team that achieved the Korean Series championship, and the first in the KBO to win the ‘Wire-to-Wire’ championship, which never misses first place from the start to the end of the regular season, voluntarily resigns. Subsequently, rumors spread that his successor had already been appointed and would be announced soon. 토토

The replacement of the SSG club’s leadership was actually predicted to some extent. From the time SSG took over SK Wyverns, it was considered only a matter of ‘time’ and inevitable. After an outsider was recruited at the end of last year, rumors that “if you don’t win, the leadership will change” took shape and plagued SSG throughout the season. However, SSG achieved the best result by winning an unprecedented wire-to-wire victory, and coach Kim Won-hyeong succeeded in renewing the contract during the Korean Series.

On the 11th, rumors seemed to end with rumors as the SSG team, club employees, and 4,000 fans participated in the event to commemorate the championship, promising to repay the championship next year as well as ending all schedules this year. However, the voluntarily resignation of the leader arose before the afterglow was gone, and doubts were bound to grow. According to the baseball world, SSG offered Director Ryu another position in the club, and the two-year partnership ended when Director Ryu did not accept it.

Even a day after his voluntary resignation was announced, SSG did not say a word. Here, the SSG club even received the suspicion that there is a so-called ‘secret powerhouse’ who is not a baseball player. Finally, fans are posting one after another on the SNS of SSG owner Jeong Yong-jin (54), demanding an explanation for this situation.

Owner Jeong Yong-jin is widely known as the ‘King of Communication’ along with his passion for baseball. Through his active social media activities, he earns the nickname ‘Yong Jin-i hyung’ by letting the public know his thoughts casually, and he does not hide his meticulous consideration and interest in each and every player of the baseball team. Attention is focusing on whether owner Jung will give a sincere and honest response to the growing suspicions among the baseball world and fans.

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