‘Soccer player rapper’ Lee Soon-min, “I’ll give you a gift when a new song comes out”

February 11, 2023 0 Comments

This season, Lee Soon-min is also aiming for two rabbits: his main job, soccer, and his hobby, rap.

On the 8th, the Korea Professional Football Federation held a press conference for the 5th media camp of the 2023 season K-League winter field training at the Barev Hotel in Seogwipo, Jeju Island. From 10:00 a.m., Gwangju FC, led by coach Lee Jeong-hyo, participated.

Last season, Gwangju literally showed their ‘second-level K-League’ performance. K-League 2 ‘Most wins (25 wins)’, ‘Most points (73)’, ‘Most consecutive wins at home (10 consecutive wins)’, ‘Victory against team before home game’, etc. Gwangju succeeded in promotion again after one season of relegation under the leadership of coach Lee Jung-hyo, and now they are refining their lineup, looking beyond retention.

The winter transfer market focused on recruiting foreign mercenaries and transfusion of promising players. While Hayes and Mikey left, Timo, Asani, and Thomas entered Gwangju바카라. Lee Kun-hee, who showed a good appearance after the loan, was fully recruited, and Jung Ji-hoon and Jo Sung-kwon also joined. In addition, he signed a contract with Shin Chang-moo, who has been on the K-League stage for a long time, and completed reinforcement of his power.

Lee Soon-min, who has experienced both relegation and promotion, is sharpening his blade once again. Last season, under the direction of coach Lee Jeong-hyo, he was responsible for the midfield and played a big role. This season, Gwangju is looking beyond retention, and Lee Soon-min is expected to be a link between the front and back.

[Hereinafter, Lee Soon-min’s interview Q&A]

Q. Winter training

A. The coach gives me new homework every day, so I want to keep following him. You have to be very focused on every workout. After arriving in Jeju Island, he trains a lot of attack tactics. I am working hard to keep up with each day.

Q. Offensive tactics

A. The details. There are days when it goes well and there are days when it doesn’t. It may be different depending on the opponent. I don’t point out each one, but I analyze why it went well and what didn’t. Even small movements are important. They are under pressure with a difference of one step and cannot take the ball away. It communicates the details while communicating. I feel it through meetings and training.

Last season was also not perfectly equipped at the beginning. As they helped me one by one, I continued to move in a good direction through training. As a result, the players seemed to be convinced that they could produce good results.

Q. Implementation of tactics

A. I think the players are doing it, but when the coach sees it, it doesn’t seem like it. You always see the bigger one. Today’s training and tomorrow’s training may have different situations. It may be different depending on the opponent. The coach always emphasizes that you have to keep the same level. He says that no matter what opponent we play, we have to show our performance. I think I should focus a little more on that part and supplement it.

Q. Director Lee Jeong-hyo’s style

A. Whatever it is, he doesn’t bring what happened inside the training ground to the outside. In the arena, of course, it is our job to point it out and fix it. That part is certain. When you’re resting, you adjust everything. He does a good job in situations where praise is needed. If you keep giving compliments, you can become overconfident or conceited. Whenever I feel like that, there is a part that cuts it off in advance.

Q. Vice-captain

Q. Awards Ceremony Performance

A. Life seems to be very interesting. It’s an honor to attend the awards ceremony itself, but I didn’t know that I would even perform. I love rap and I still do it. There are also new songs prepared during the off-season. Because I work hard at the things I like, a lot of fun things happen. I’m glad there are many people who like it. Still, I thought that because I worked hard at my main job, soccer, that I could have fun and opportunities like this. Q. At first, I studied

rap on my own and then learned it.

I went and recorded it. I started thinking that I should have a hobby. Rather than general hobbies, I thought it would be nice to create something fun that can represent the person I am. It was so much fun.

Q. Director Lee Jeong-hyo’s reaction

A. You were very worried before the awards ceremony. If you’re going to do it, do it well, and don’t embarrass me. Seeing that he didn’t say anything after the performance, I don’t think he was embarrassed. When a new song comes out around the end of February, I plan to give you a CD as a gift.

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