Although several firms,
are struggling during the coronavirus pandemic, some small businesses are seeing lots of new and returning customers. Due to COVID-19, everything has changed worldwide. The outbreak of Coronavirus and its rapid spread around the world has had serious implications for the nation’s economy. All types of businesses have been affected by the pandemic. The foremost sector affected due to the virus is the education & tourism sector followed by remittance, food & agriculture, banking & insurance sector, telecom, hospitality, and more.

With the worldwide business landscape radically changing in the past several months due to the coronavirus (COVID-19),  the majority of stories people are seeing concern businesses that are closing, losing revenue, and laying off workers. But also some small businesses have proven to be uniquely suited to the COVID-19 crisis and have seen an uptick in demand.

Some of the lists of small business that has been thriving (on high demand) during COVID -19 pandemic are:

1. Cleaning Service: Due to the spread of coronavirus fear around the nation, cleaning has been given the utmost priority. Cleaning companies have said that the demand for sanitization has increased rapidly focusing on the commercial buildings and medical facilities in light of COVID-19. They also said that they have never experienced anything like this before in their lives and especially in their business.

2. Delivery service: It is pretty obvious that lots of consumers are afraid to leave their house and also the government has advised them to stay away from the crowd and break the chain, professional delivery services have stepped up to make sure essential goods can be delivered to homes and businesses.

3. Liquor and wine stores: Lots of bars and lounge are closed around Nepal due to COVID-19, local liquid and wine stores have dramatically increased sales. Costumers are buying large mass of liquor and wines to make hand sanitizers or they are afraid that they will get “locked-in”.

4. Meal prep delivery services: Many of the top brands for meal preparation and delivery are skyrocketing at this time. Most people are spending their time at home and less at restaurants, this business is high on demand. Taking benefits of this, a plethora of small businesses that are offering meal preparation delivery services are very much active.

Game developers and sellers:  The most profited business due to people staying at home has been the game developing companies. They are engaged in designing new games to entertain people locked in their houses. Coronavirus has forced all the people to stay at home instead of going out, small businesses that create board games are popular since they help entertain families.

What are the other popular businesses that are rising during the coronavirus pandemic?

As people are forced to stay at home, entertainment services such as Netflix and Spotify are increasing in popularity with maximum growth in the digital content subscription. Due to social distancing practice, businesses have encouraged their employees to work remotely from home, causing shares in video-conferencing businesses such as Slack and Zoom to skyrocket. Virtual technologies allowing people to keep entertained and remain in contact remotely are rising in popularity. With no doubt, these companies are expected to enjoy a continued rise in stock market value.