Seongbin Yoon, exercise tips “You can’t get it easily”

March 8, 2023 0 Comments

Yoon Seong-bin, a former member of the national skeleton team, revealed that he wanted to avoid ballet, Pilates, and rhythmic gymnastics while showing the appearance of a ‘challenging king’.

Recently, she posted a video on Esquire Korea’s official YouTube channel titled, ‘Where are the sexiest and weakest parts of Yoon Seongbin?’

Yoon Seong-bin, who possesses an overwhelming physicality, talked about tips on how to eat chicken breasts deliciously, and whether she would participate once more if ‘Physical: 100’, which gathered topics, proceeds for season 2.

“I ate one less chicken breast,” she said of today’s “TMI (Too Much Information),” adding, “I should have finished consuming four of them by now. Originally, I ate a lot, but these days, I think I need to improve my quality of life and increase my happiness index a little, so I eat a lot of delicious things,” said Yoon Sung-bin. 온라인바카라

What is Yoon Sung-bin’s tip to enjoy delicious chicken breast? He said, “I can’t eat it for the taste. If you try to eat it with taste, you will be greedy,” he replied with a sharp cut.

Yoon Seong-bin: What part do you think is the sexiest? He said, “Others usually say that it is the lower body, but personally, I think it is the shoulder,” and pointed out, “The part that I think is the weakest is rather the lower body.”

Then, Sungbin Yoon revealed a tip for exercising. It’s just that “there is no such thing”. “When people ask me for tips, my answer is always the same. does not exist. Because asking for a tip itself is to make it easy. Anything that cannot be obtained easily,” emphasized Yoon Sung-bin.

What is the most difficult exercise for him, who is called the ‘Challenge King’? “I think it was a cycle. I really really worked 100% hard. It was when the lower body was the hardest. It’s the hardest when people feel pain. As a result, the economy was completely focused on the lower body, so it was very difficult,” recalled Sungbin Yoon.

On the contrary, he added that the sports that were easy were “badminton and table tennis.”

Yoon Seong-bin said, “I drove all the things I wanted to do in the beginning and did it. So now, I am trying to focus on sports recommended by subscribers and people around me rather than sports that I really wanted to try.”

He said, “You want things like ballet, Pilates, and rhythmic gymnastics. These are the three sports that I avoid the most.”

In the next ‘Balance Game’, Sungbin Yoon chose ‘Lifetime lower body exercise’ as ‘Lifetime upper body exercise vs Lifetime lower body exercise’. “If I tried to choose something comfortable, I think I would have done it with my upper body. But in the long run, I will choose lower body exercises to live a long life.”

As for ‘Olympic Gold Medal vs. 10 Million Subscribers’, “I have 10 million subscribers without any worries. The world has changed a lot.”

For the ‘Lifetime hamburger vs Lifetime chicken breast’, ‘Lifetime hamburger’ was chosen, and to the question of “How many hamburgers can you eat at most?”, “I don’t know. I haven’t tried it, but if it’s a cheeseburger, wouldn’t I still eat about 8 of them?”

Yoon Seong-bin, who appeared in Season 1 of the Netflix original ‘Physical: 100’, smiled broadly, saying, “I’ll watch it on TV” when asked, “Would you like to participate in Season 2?”

Finally, Sungbin Yoon said, “I’m still not used to being a fan or anything like that. Still, it seems that there are a lot of people who are interested in me these days, such as ‘Physical: 100’. I hope that interest lasts a little longer. I’m still trying to show you. We ask for your interest until the end,” she said, greeting subscribers and fans.

How far will Sungbin Yoon’s challenge go? Yoon Seong-bin, who conveyed his aspiration, “I want to do all the sports I can,” is a representative skeleton athlete in Korea. He is called ‘Iron Man’ after winning Asia’s first sledding gold medal at the 2018 PyeongChang Winter Olympics.

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