Seo Hyo-won – Choi Hyo-joo of ‘Korean Horse Association’, winning tickets to the finals of the World Championships

January 27, 2023 0 Comments

Korea Horse Association (Chairman Jeong Ki-hwan) Seo Hyo-won, the star of the women’s table tennis team, and Choi Hyo-joo, the dark horse, confirmed their advance to the finals of the 2023 World Table Tennis Championships, heading to Durban, South Africa in May.

Seo Hyo-won and Choi Hyo-joo won a ticket to the World Championship finals as Korean representatives in the Asian regional qualifiers for the 2023 World Table Tennis Championships in Doha, Qatar, where top rankers from Asian countries all participated on the 7th to 13th. Seo Hyo-won won the right to participate in singles, and Choi Hyo-joo won both singles and doubles (partner Lee Si-on, Samsung Life Insurance).  먹튀검증

Seo Hyo-won and Choi Hyo-joo were not as lucky as other Korean players who competed together in this regional qualifier. From the beginning, it was difficult to avoid the first round as it faced China’s strong players Wang Yi-di (4th in the world rankings) and Wang Man-yu (3rd), respectively. However, Seo Hyo-won defeated Hong Kong’s Wing Nam 4-1 comfortably in the second round, and Choi Hyo-joo defeated India’s Denison Reed 4-0 in the third round to finally qualify for the finals.

The World Table Tennis Championships are held every two years, and Seo Hyo-won reached the quarterfinals in singles at the 2021 World Championships. This is the highest score among men and women in the Korean national team at the time, and expectations are rising as to what kind of performance Seo Hyo-won will show this year, especially in the world championships.

Meanwhile, the finals of the 2023 World Table Tennis Championships will be held in Durban, South Africa, from May 20 to 28. It is the first world championship to be held on the African continent in 84 years since the Cairo Games in 1939, and the world’s attention is focused. 

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