‘Second WBC’ Best pitcher “Talks a lot to juniors!”

January 26, 2023 0 Comments

At the Asian Games in Guangzhou, where the Taegeuk mark was first worn in 2010, KIA pitcher Yang Hyeon-jong (35), who was only 22 years old, still showed his best skills 13 years later and proudly boarded the WBC national team. It is the 6th adult national team Taegeuk mark and the 2nd WBC appearance following 2017. Among pitchers, he is the best along with Kim Gwang-hyeon (SSG, 35).

Yang Hyeon-jong said, “When I wasn’t throwing, I would tell young players a lot about my experiences.” He said, “I will tell younger pitchers (Eui-ri Lee, So-Jun Sohn, Yoon-sik Kim, etc.) to throw as comfortably as possible from the mound. I think director Lee Kang-cheol picked me to play that role. He added, “I will talk a lot so that the pitchers can show off their skills comfortably.”

Japan, where the WBC team will meet, and the Netherlands and the United States, which are more likely to meet as they go up in rounds, are mobilizing all players in the US Major League (MLB) and burning their aspirations for the championship. From the perspective of Yang Hyeon-jong, who has been to MLB in 2021, how likely is the Korean national team to win? Yang Hyeon-jong said, “Baseball is played by people. I don’t think it matters much (whoever the other country picks). It’s a fight about how much you can show off during a match, not a match for your career or name.” 토토사이트

Currently, there is no problem with Yang Hyeon-jong’s physical condition. Yang Hyeon-jong, who said, “I am building my body slowly and working out well according to the training schedule,” said, “It is always an honor to participate in international competitions as a national representative. Running with the Taegeuk mark means that you have no choice but to work hard. I will do my best,” he promised.

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