SEO(Search Engine Optimization) is the practice of increasing the quality and quantity of traffic to your website through organic search engine results. SEO is simply the process of getting a better rank in search engines. The higher the rank of your website in Search Engine Result Pages(SERPs), the more traffics from search engines, which are more customers for your business or services.

For the past few years, SEO practice has been trending in Nepal. The theory of SEO came into practical use after people understood its importance. There is also a concept that your website is worthless if it has null visitors. And it’s true!

People usually have a misconception about SEO. It is believed, their website ranks in the blink of an eye. But SEO is a long-term process and must require patience during the whole time. For a sustainable process and strategic growth, your business needs help from SEO experts and several agencies work for ranking your business.

What is required to rank?

    1. Keyword Research to anticipate how people search for the services.
    2. Onsite Optimization is built onto your website so Google and Bing start to associate those keywords with you.
    3. Speed and Mobility so the website loads fast and is mobile friendly.
    4. Accurate business listing citations on the web’s top directories and data aggregators.
    5. Lots of great reviews on your Google My Business listing.
    6. Great, keyword-rich content posted regularly on the website.
    7. Links from other sites (off-page) showing you are trusted, authoritative, and valuable.

The trend of SEO in Nepal

With the increase in Digitalization and businesses getting online, the trend of SEO in Nepal has reached a higher level. In the past few years, people questioned “What SEO Specialist or SEO Expert do?”. But the scenario has changed.

In the competitive market, your business website needs to rank on the google result page. The website must be visible to the consumers. Therefore, almost every company is hiring an SEO specialist in Nepal to make their website on top of Google’s result page. Also, the pay scale of SEO experts in Nepal is higher, and it’s not less than other professions. As of 2020, every business is trying to make their online presence much better.

Entire Business Solution is a digital company, working in the field of Information Technology and its motive is to provide services that optimize the businesses through digital transformation.  It has been providing Seach Engine Optimization (SEO) service to improve the website ranking in search engines (Google, Yahoo, e.t.c.) through the team of IT Enthusiasts and marketing professionals.