“Round 2 is different” 1R Bottom of the table Blue One, Welcome Savings Bank share first win side by side

August 17, 2023 0 Comments

After finishing at the bottom and tied for seventh place in the first round, the Blue One Angels and Welcome Savings Bank started the second round on a high note. The first-round winners, NHKad, remained strong, while Eswai also recorded its first win.

On the 16th, the first day of the Welcome Savings Bank Team League 2R for the 23/24 season was held at the Kintex PBA Stadium in Goyang, where Blue One defeated Hana Card 4:2 and Welcome Savings Bank defeated Huons 4:3. Eswai also defeated Crown HaeTae 4:1, and NHK Card defeated Hi One Resort 4:3.

After the first round of matches, Blue One and Eswai (1 win, 3 points) are tied for first place, Welcome Savings Bank and NH Card (1 win, 2 points) are tied for third place, and Huon’s and Hi One (1 loss, 1 point) are tied for fifth place. The remaining three teams, SK Rent-a-Car Direct, Crown HaeTae, and Hana Card, are tied for seventh place (0 points). SK Rent-a-Car did not play on the day.

Blue One, who dropped from the defending champions to the bottom of the table (Round 1), had a different mood after the return of their ‘ace’ Safata. BlueOne took the lead early on, taking the set 3:0 with a Hanakad. Safata’s two wins (doubles and singles) were crucial.

In the first set (Men’s Doubles), Zapata and Kang Min-koo defeated Hanakad’s Chocloo Shin Jung-joo 11:2 in five games. Zapata took a 2:0 lead in the third set and defeated Chocloo 15:7 in seven games. Hanakkad then rallied to take the fourth and fifth sets, but Throngpiavi secured her first win of the tournament with a 9:5 victory over Kim in the sixth set.

Zapata struggled in the first round, winning less than half of her games at 7-10. The team suffered five straight losses in the final round to fall to the bottom of the table, but Safata bounced back in the second round with her trademark precision shots to secure the win.

Welcome Savings Bank, who also struggled in the first round, defeated the Huons 4:3 in a full-set thriller. On this day, Welcome was also in a bad mood as they lost the first set (0:11) with a set score of 1:3. However, in the fifth set (singles), Seo Hyun-min defeated Palazon 11:9 and then won the sixth and seventh sets in straight sets to secure the precious point (2). Welcome pulled off the upset with an even number of wins, as none of their seven players had more than two wins. In particular, Sang-dae Lee completed the team’s first victory with an 11:1 victory over Huon’s Kim Bong-chul in two games in the seventh set after the set score was tied at 3:3.

The first-round winners and runners-up, NHK Card and Crown HaeTae, had mixed results on the first day of the second round.

NHK Card continued its strong performance from the first round by defeating Hi-won 4:3 in a full-set match. It was their sixth straight win, including the first round.토토사이트

Crown Hae-tae lost to Eswai 1:4. Crown Hattae’s trusted Kim Jae-geun and Baekmin Baekmin’s Lim Jung-sook were powerless in the match. Eswai, on the other hand, had Sanchez, Lee Young-hoon, Han Ji-eun, and others pick up one win each, and Park In-soo, a former Crown Hae-tae player, handed the home team a defeat by beating Martinez 11:10 in the final sixth set.

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