‘Role model’ Son Heung-min’s 7th dan K-League signboard Yang Hyun-joon “I refused at first, but…”

February 15, 2023 0 Comments

Even at this time a year ago, he was ‘unknown’. He debuted in the K-League in 2021, but his attack point was ‘zero’ as he played in 9 games.

He said that only those who are prepared get a chance. At the beginning of the 2022 season, in a situation where offensive resources were lacking, such as Dino’s injury and departure, ‘Spring’ came to him as well, and he immediately burst into flower buds. That is how ‘his era’ began.

Gangwon FC Yang Hyeon-jun (21) is the best ‘Cinderella’ produced by the K-League last year. In just one season, he stood tall as a K-League signboard. The catalyst was a friendly match against Tottenham in Korea. After being named a K-League All-Star, he defeated Eric Dyer and Dabinson Sanchez in an instant with his brilliant dribbling, and his name was deeply embedded in the minds of fans.

The ending was also gorgeous토토사이트. Gangwon, who was a ‘relegation candidate’, finished 6th in Final A, and he scored 8 goals and 4 assists in 36 matches and won the K League 1 Young Player Award, ‘the next generation superstar’. It received a whopping 106 votes in a media poll in which 116 people voted.

Yang Hyun-joon, who is preparing for the opening of the new season in Busan Gijang, is definitely the center of the spotlight. He changes into ‘new clothes’ this season. He, who only had number 47 until his last year, received number 7 from his role model, Son Heung-min (Tottenham). He said, “He rejected the number 7, but then changed his mind. If he wore the number 7 to the game, the pressure and responsibility would be greater, but he thought that he would grow into a better player if he overcame it.”

Choi Yong-soo, director of Gangwon who owed Yang Hyeon-joon, worries like a ‘child’ brought to the waterside. Director Choi said, “This year, I will enter the season with a lot of pressure on myself. In a short time, I have grown to the ace level of Gangwon FC. In addition to Son Heung-min’s decisiveness and speed, I have a ball touch and flexibility. The future is limitless.” While praising, he said, “It’s homework for me. I showed a good performance for the team last year, but this year, I don’t have as much expectations as last year. Will the opponent leave me alone?”

“Containment will be more severe. If you can’t solve this, you can become an ordinary player. If you overcome this wisely, you can grow into a terrible player. As a coach, I think you need patience. Making a lot of mistakes at a young age is also a big deal. It can be a process to become a player,” he emphasized.

Yang Hyeon-joon agreed with Director Choi’s concerns. However, he cannot stop advancing. He said, “I also think this year will not be easy, but if you play easily, run more, and move, chances will come.” He gave it to me. I’m trying to fix it. It’s hard to say that I’ve completely improved, but I feel regretful if I scored more goals in a situation that could be solved last year. I need to be more calm and have more determination and physical strength.”

Yang Hyun-joon’s value is recognized abroad to the extent that he received ‘love calls’ from Europe and the United States last year.

He talked about Gangwon first about overseas expansion and the Taegeuk mark. “The national team is every player’s dream, but before that, you have to focus on your team and show a good image. Only then can you grow. Showing a good image is motivation.” He also did not forget his promise to raise more attack points than last year.

Yang Hyun-joon’s new world unfolds. The opening of the K-League is now 10 days away.

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