‘Return of the King’ Joko Chibi V10 challenge… Kwon Soon-woo also expects propaganda

January 16, 2023 0 Comments

‘King of Melbourne’ Djokovic, who is competing in the Australian Open for the first time in two years, will challenge for his 10th career title.

Kwon Soon-woo, who wrote a new history of Korean tennis, is also looking forward to the first round of the opening day today (16).

Reporter Suh Bong-guk reports from Melbourne, Australia.

[Milos / Serbian fan: Why not? Djokovic has already won nine titles. Who can be called a more powerful championship candidate than Djokovic?]

[Craig / Reporter Australia: Last year’s corona (expelled) sediments remain. Djokovic is still ranked 0 in the men’s singles championship.] Djokovic, who

was expelled from Australia last year due to non-vaccination and 4 consecutive losses were frustrated, but returned dramatically thanks to the relaxation of quarantine.

With unchanging skills, he climbed to the top of the first round of Adelaide, the prelude to the Australian Open, and the tennis world’s attention is focused on his 10th victory.

Even in the number of major championships, it is because they can stand shoulder to shoulder if they hold the championship trophy as they are chasing their fateful rival Nadal by only one win.바카라

A slight hamstring injury is a factor, but confidence is sufficient.

[Djokovic: It will be the best. I want to win an important tournament, but of course there is nothing bigger than the Australian Open champion.]

Kwon Soon-woo, who became the first Korean player to win two career titles in the 2nd Adelaide Tournament, is also highly anticipated.

It is because he has reached the peak in his forehand and serve, and his match luck is good because Eubanks, who has won once, is his opponent in the first round.

[Kwon Soon-woo: I could lose or win in the first round, but I would play a lot and be physically burdened. I think he can play well on Monday if he is still young and recovers.] While

Nadal is considered to be Djokovic’s opponent, Alkaras, the world’s No. 1 player, is absent due to injury.

This Australian Open has the largest prize money ever set, so that even if you run only one round, you will receive 80 million won of our money.

Although there is an injury variable, Djokovic’s preparations are over.

The 10th crown of Melbourne, which is a vegetable garden.

And the two-week journey to his 22nd major title is about to begin.

This is YTN Seo Bong-guk from Melbourne, Australia.

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