Recruitment of ‘U-23 representative’ Cho Seong-gwon from Gimpo and Gwangju

February 15, 2023 0 Comments

Gimpo FC signs ‘U-23 representative’ Jo Seong-kwon from Gwangju FC on loan.

Gimpo strengthens its power by recruiting defender Jo Sung-kwon, who went through Kumho High School and Ulsan University.

While at the University of Ulsan, Jo 먹튀검증Sung-kwon won the 2020 U-League District 8 championship and the 2022 National Sports Festival championship, establishing himself as the best prospect in college football.

Cho Sung-kwon, who joined Gimpo, is expected to be of great help in strengthening Gimpo’s defense.

In 2001, Jo Seong-kwon was 182cm tall and weighed 75kg, and was evaluated as a central defender with excellent interpersonal defense and cover capabilities based on solid physicality.

In addition, in the second half of 2022, he was selected for the U-23 Olympic team and played in three games, making an impressive performance.

Cho Seong-kwon, who joined the field training center right away, said, “I am happy to have the opportunity to play in Gimpo. I have not experienced a professional stage, but I think this can also be an advantage. I will prepare hard during the field training and show a good performance during the season. I will try to do my best,” he said, expressing his feeling of joining.

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