Recruitment of 5 new players for the 2023 season, including Daejeon Hana Citizen and Kim Do-yoon

January 11, 2023 0 Comments

Daejeon Hana Citizen recruited 5 new prospects for the 2023 season. Kim Do-yoon, Bae Sang-pil, Lee Dong-won, Lim Yoo-seok, and Jung Won-sik join the new cast.

Midfielder Kim Do-yoon is a promising player who has been attracting attention since he was in high school. He swept various high school competition awards as a member of Cheonan Jeil High School, such as winning the ‘2019 Spring High School Football Federation’ Best Young Player Award and the ‘2020 Minister of Culture, Sports and Tourism High School Football Competition’ offensive award. He has excellent ability to create space based on his wide field of view and has stable game management skills.

Goalkeeper Bae Sang-pil, from Inchang High School and Sangji University, led the championship in the ‘2021 Gangwon-do Association Janggi’ and the runner-up in the ‘2021 University Fall Federation’. Bae Sang-pil, who has an ideal physique of 189cm and 84kg, is evaluated for his stable ball handling ability and excellent positioning.

Striker Lee Dong-won joined Daejeon after attending Yongin Yangji FC U15 and U18-Sunmoon University. Last year, as the main striker of Sunmoon University, he placed 3rd in the ‘University Fall Federation (Hansan Daecheopgi)’, runner-up in the ‘Chugye University Federation (Taebaeksangi)’, won the ‘1st and 2nd year University Football Federation’, and finished 3rd in the ‘U-League 3rd Division’ led As a next-generation striker, he is a player with outstanding growth, and his strengths are strong shooting, goal-making ability, and vigorous activity. He was the top scorer of the ‘1st and 2nd year college football league match’ last year and the 2nd place in the score of ‘U-League 3 Region’.

Defender Lim Yoo-seok played for Busan Transportation Corporation in the K3 League in 2022, scoring 1 goal and 2 assists in 29 games. In recognition of his performance, he was selected as the K3 League Young Player. He has a strong physique of 190cm and 83kg and has strengths as a left-footed defender.

Defender Jeong Won-sik, a graduate of Gimcheon University, played an active role as a key player in winning the ‘2022 U-League 4 Region’ and runner-up in the ‘2022 U-League King of Kings’. He is 185 cm tall and is good at physical combat and aerial competition, and has accurate passing and kicking power. 안전놀이터

Daejeon has built a thicker squad by recruiting a large number of new players with potential and potential, and has a wide range of U22 resource options.

Meanwhile, Daejeon has been running the B team since the 2022 season and has participated in the semi-professional K4 League. Through this, it has created a foundation for promising players to gain practical experience and raise their potential. As a result, Lim Deok-geun, Byun Jun-su, and Shin Sang-eun showed off their advanced skills last year and played an active part on the professional stage. This year, through the operation of Team B, we plan to focus our efforts on nurturing players who will lead the team in the future.

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