Psychological counseling to relieve the burden… Jang Ji-won, the ‘youngest brother’ who dreams of leaping forward

February 5, 2023 0 Comments

KEPCO’s ‘youngest brother’ libero Jang Ji-won contributed to the team’s winning streak with his unsparing play.

I persevered with the determination to show my skills on the court even in the vicious cycle of not improving my performance due to pressure and evil. And at an important moment 먹튀검증, it flew up and showed its presence.

KEPCO won a come-from-behind victory with a set score of 3-1 (20-25 25-22 25-21 25-23) in the home game of the 5th round of the men’s division of the ‘Dodram 2022-23 V-League’ against Hyundai Capital held at Suwon Gymnasium on the 5th.

KEPCO, which secured 38 points (12 wins, 14 losses) with 4 consecutive wins, jumped to 4th place, beating OK Financial Group (37 points, 12 wins, 14 losses). The difference between the 3rd place Woori Card (39 points, 14 wins and 12 losses) is only 1.

The main characters are, of course, Tais the Host (registered name Thais) and Seo Jae-deok. The two led the offense with 27 and 18 points, respectively, leading the team to victory.

However, the hidden performance of Libero Jang Ji-won cannot be overlooked. Jang Ji-won, who gave up his place to Ji-seok Lee due to his poor performance recently, stepped onto the court in the middle of the second set and showed off several decisive digs, contributing to the victory.

In particular, in a tight match with a set score of 1-1, 20-19, he threw his body and saved the ball, and the scene where Thais finished it with a back attack became a great stepping stone to a come-from-behind victory.

Jang Ji-won succeeded in 10 of his 13 dig attempts that day. His receiving efficiency was poor, but he failed out of 11 attempts.

Coach Kwon Young-min also said, “(Jang) Ji-won was very self-blameful when he made a mistake in receiving after 20 points during the 9-game losing streak. He did not seem to be able to overcome it, so the company also conducted psychological counseling.” It wasn’t 100%, but I could see that he was trying to overcome it. It will get better in the future.”

Jang Ji-won, who joined KEPCO through a trade ahead of the start of this season. However, it is also true that there was a lot of pressure to fill the vacancy of top-class libero Oh Jae-seong (Woori Card).

Jang Ji-won confessed, “I didn’t have that thought at first, but after losing in a row and not being able to play in recent games, I suddenly had a lot of thoughts. I was especially disappointed that I couldn’t show my play.”

While KEPCO suffered a 9-game losing streak, Jang Ji-won also suffered from a lot of bad comments. He said, “I received a lot of bad comments on social media. I kept thinking about making mistakes when it was important, and as a result, my feet didn’t move and my senses decreased during the game.”

Veteran striker Seo Jae-deok also made an effort to revive the spirit of his juniors. Seo Jae-deok showed encouragement when Jang Ji-won showed a connection with a good dig.

Seo Jae-deok said, “Jiwon is a player who has already developed his skills. I think his mental part was shaken because he kept receiving strong serves in the second half. But I thought Jiwon would come back, so I wasn’t too worried.” I thought a lot about how I could help, but I think I solved it well by myself.”

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