Park Min-jae, who was responsible for Hanyang University’s ‘decisive rebound and steal’

March 22, 2023 0 Comments

Park Min-jae (19, 195cm) showed off his versatility and contributed to Hanyang University’s two consecutive victories.

Park Min-jae of Hanyang University contributed to the team’s victory (60-58) by recording 10 points, 4 rebounds and 3 steals in the regular league against Dankook University in the 2023 KUSF College Basketball U-League held at Hanyang University Olympic Gymnasium on the 22nd. Hanyang University ran a pleasant two-game winning streak through this victory.

Park Min-jae showed his ability to score both inside and outside. Despite his tall stature, Park Min-jae showed an accurate outside shooting ability, and also won a rebound through active fighting under the goal. Park Min-jae’s performance continued in the game. In Dankook University’s last chance to attack, Park Min-jae broke the opponent’s last hope through a steal. In addition, the rebound after a failed free throw to signal the end of the game was also Park Min-jae’s share.

Park Min-jae said, “I am happy to win the first home game. He is also very grateful to those who supported him. However, not everything we have prepared has come out yet. I will prepare well for the rest of the game,” he said, not hiding his joy for the victory.

Park Min-jae is a sophomore, but he couldn’t play in the U-League last season. Because of a cruciate ligament injury in his left knee. After recovering from his injury, Park Min-jae participated in training from the last winter training and has been a great help to Hanyang University since the beginning of the season. Since Hanyang University will be playing this season without a senior, it is a situation where every second and third year player is precious. 메이저놀이터

Park Min-jae said, “I participated again from winter training. The first time I played in the U-League, I could feel it because the crowd cheered me on a lot. It really feels like playing basketball.”

The most impressive part of Park Min-jae’s performance is the outskirts. One of the factors for Hanyang University’s victory on this day was the explosive outside shot. Park Min-jae said, “I enjoy throwing outside shots. He doesn’t cover inside as well as outside. I think he is a player who plays without hindrance anywhere,” he explained his strength.

It is Park Min-jae who played a major role in determining the thrilling victory of Hanyang University. As mentioned earlier, Park Min-jae’s steal right before the end of the game was a play that put a wedge in Hanyang University’s victory. Park Min-jae said, “I tried to focus until the end because there were many games that I lost unfortunately from last season. He thought the opponent would definitely throw the ball from the side to the high post. On the bench, the coach also told me to stare at it, so I think it went well. I was very happy,” he said, looking back at the time.

Finally, “I didn’t make the playoffs last season. There are no seniors this season, but I want to advance to the playoffs through unstoppable basketball. Personally, I want to impress people as soon as possible. who is that player? It was Park Min-jae who expressed his determination, “I hope you will think of it.”

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