Park Ji-soo, who made her season home debut, “I’m so grateful”

Park Ji-soo played a KB home game. And KB succeeded in winning two in a row.

Cheongju KB Stars won 62-55 against Shinhan Bank Incheon in the Shinhan Bank SOL 2022-2023 Women’s Professional Basketball regular league held at Cheongju Gymnasium on the 19th.

The reason why this match is special is that Park Ji-soo (193cm, C) played the first home game of the season. His physical condition was not perfect, but Park Ji-soo’s presence was enormous. Park Ji-soo scored 19 points in the game that day. The playing time was only 18 minutes.

Park Ji-soo played 4 minutes in the 1st quarter and recorded 4 points and 1 block shot. In particular, the block shot was enough to raise the mood of the team. He also added 5 points in the 2nd quarter. In the 4th quarter, he was responsible for all of the team’s first 6 points and broke the opponent’s pursuit. Thanks to Park Ji-soo’s performance, KB won the game.

Park Ji-soo, who we met after the game, said, “In the last Hana One Q game, I felt like a freshman. But today I got the feeling of last season. Although my body wasn’t 100% perfect, I thought, ‘Our KB’s style is to run brightly and happily,’ and I also ran happily,” he said, expressing his feelings about the game.

He continued, “In fact, the previous game was more difficult than today’s game. At that time, he continued to sit on the bench in the first half, but when he came out in the second half, his legs did not move. Today it is not to that extent. The condition is fine even now. I’ll have to check my condition again in the evening, but if it’s okay, I plan to increase my playing time.”

In addition, Park Ji-soo said, “There is something I really want to say,” and “If you talk about this disease, it can appear naturally to everyone. The mind and mental are important, but it is a problem of the autonomic nervous system. So, I hope that all players, fans, and everyone will focus only on the present rather than worrying about the future.”토토사이트

Park Ji-soo is known to have lost about 5 kg compared to the past. In response, Park Ji-soo said, “In fact, when he first came and practiced, he thought his body was too light. The coach also said that I was really faster than me during training. However, compared to last year, the strength has decreased significantly. It seems that strength needs to be increased through training. It seems to be right to increase muscle rather than gain fat.”

He also did not forget to say thank you to the fans. Park Ji-soo said, “Actually, he felt thrilled when he came to support us until the last away game. Today, even when I was on the bench, they cheered me on while waving my uniform. Thank you so much. I wish there was a higher word than thanks. I just had an interview on the air, and I am truly grateful to the fans.”