Next Sunday is UFC Korean Day. 7 people, 7 colors, including Da-un Jeong and Doo-ho Choi.

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Middleweight Jun-yong Park is the first to step on the gauge, followed by Kim Ji-yeon, Road to UFC flyweight finals Choi Seung-guk and Park Hyeon-seong, featherweight Lee Jung-young and Choi Doo-ho, and light heavyweight Jeong Da-woon decorating the final stage.

/Middleweight Park Joon-yong/

If you win, you will have three consecutive wins and you are on the verge of entering the rankings. Park Joon-yong recorded two consecutive victories last year, beating Eric Anders in March and Joseph Holmes in October . In the confrontation with Holmes, I played the finish game for the first time. The opponent is Tulyulin from Russia. 11 wins and 6 losses in MMA and 1 win and 1 loss in UFC. Ground play was known to be weak. If Park Joon-yong drags him to the ground, he will be able to play comfortably. He said, “I trained with the thought of winning unconditionally. It probably will.” MMA 15-5, UFC 5-2. Junyong Park -195, Tulululin +165. Park Joon-yong’s chances of winning are high. /Women’s Flyweight Kim Ji-yeon/ We need a twist. He must break the chain of four consecutive losses. Although we lost in a row, the content of the game was not bad. The final blow was insufficient, and he knelt down in the judgment. His opponent is Mandy Böhm, a German fighter with 7 wins and 2 losses in MMA. Last year, he entered the UFC with 5 wins, but lost 2. He too needs a win. both hit. It’s going to be a pretty tough match. Kim Ji-yeon is -285’s top dog. Bohem is +240. Quite a difference.

“I want to break the losing streak and write a human victory story. I trained in a good environment and in a mentally stable state. I gained strength from the fans’ encouragement. It will be a good


. “It’s the road to UFC final. No matter who wins, one more UFC fighter will be added. It’s the first time Korean fighters face each other on the UFC stage.

Choi Seung-guk has 6 wins and 1 loss, and Park Hyeon-seong has 7 wins . Choi Seung

-guk said, ‘Zombie Kids . ‘. I started watching Chan-sung Jeong’s Octagon. I went to Chan-sung Jeong and became his disciple.

Choi Seung-guk said that he would fulfill his long-standing dream of entering the UFC by performing an impressive match.

It is a fight between Korean players, but there is no special inspiration . Victory and defeat will be decided in the event, and I am confident in my grappling.”

Choi Seung-guk defeated Indonesia’s Lama Spandi in the quarterfinals and China’s Chiu Luan in the semifinals by unanimous decision.

Park Hyeon-sung in Indonesia in the quarterfinals ‘s Jeremiah Shirega by KO in the first round, and in the semifinals, he defeated Thailand’s Top Noi Kiaram by submission in the first round

. I will play a game to win.”

Park Hyeon-seong got into martial arts a bit late. He trained for 2 months before enlisting in the army, then jumped into it in earnest after being discharged from the army. He worked out steadily for 5 years and had a considerable level of skill.

/Featherweight Lee Jung-young/ Lee Jung- 토토사이트

young is confident of victory. I believe that he will overcome the Chinese interest in the ‘Road to UFC’ final and enter the UFC.

It is not unfounded confidence. In the quarterfinals, he defeated China’s Xiebin with one submission. Siebin was a player who played quite a bit in the Contender Series, so I thought he could be tricky, but Lee Jung-young was not an opponent.

Lee Jung-young also defeated Rukai by KO in the 1st round in the quarterfinals.

“I intend to finish the game quickly. I think I’ve already won the fight against Iza. He is confident in both grappling and hitting. Iza seems to be fighting on the ground. But his on-the-ground prowess will never hold me back.”

/ Featherweight Choi Doo-ho /

It’s a comeback after 3 years and 2 months. First since losing to Charles Jourdain in December 2019. In the meantime, the game against Cub Swanson was inducted into the Hall of Fame, but the gap was too long.

He was unable to make it to the Octagon due to issues such as military service. He planned a comeback in July of last year, but his comeback was delayed because he could not play due to a shoulder injury.

His opponent is his 31-year-old Kyle Nelson (Canada), who is the same age as him. MMA. With a record of 13 wins and 5 losses, and 1 win and 4 losses in the UFC, he is somewhat inferior to Choi Doo-ho. However, Choi Doo-ho’s game experience could be a problem.

“It is a long game. I’m looking forward to it. I’m worried that there will be Ringrust, but there’s no problem. Mentally I have become very strong. I will arm myself thoroughly and show a great game.”

Dooho Choi entered the UFC in 2014. He sprinted with 1 KO victory in 3 consecutive matches, but lost by decision to the Cup Swan, and faltered. He lost, but this match was inducted into the Hall of Fame.

MMA 14 wins 3 losses. Nelson’s rough-playing style makes me think he’ll be able to deliver an impressive performance.

/Light Heavyweight Jung Down/

It’s a comeback after 7 months. Last July, Jung Da-un lost the first KO to Dustin Jacoby (USA. 34) and wore a ‘black star’ for the first time in 7 years.

It was a big shock because it was a loss right before entering the rankings, but considering Jeong Da-woon’s skill, it’s not a big obstacle.

Devin Clark, who fights on the 5th, is quite talented. A former National Collegiate Athletic Association wrestling champion, his main weapon is a powerful takedown.

He is a fighter who has also trained in boxing, and he has 13 wins and 7 losses in MMA and 7 wins and 7 losses in UFC. He also held the RFA Light Heavyweight Championship, but overall, Jeong Da-Woon is one step ahead.

With -245 to +205, Da-Jung Jeong is considerably ahead of the betting prediction.

“It is a tough opponent. He’s good at hitting and wrestling, but doesn’t seem to be good at Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu. I will fight bravely. The results won’t be bad.”

It was prepared for the Seoul tournament, but due to Jeong Chan-sung’s injury, the Las Vegas tournament was held, but only Korean players competed. The expected betting rate of participating fighters is also high. It looks like it will be a contest worth watching.

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