Napoli-Mallorca invitational match on K-League matchday? The federation is ‘opposed’, and the approval authority KFA is also ‘negative’

May 5, 2023 0 Comments

 A head-to-head match between Min-jae Kim’s team, Napoli, and Mallorca, a team belonging to Lee Kang-in, the ‘Golden Boy’, is unlikely to happen in June.

A domestic sports platform start-up is promoting visits to Naples and Mallorca, which have won the Scudetto (winning Serie A) for the first time in 33 years. This promoter is known to have a plan to hold a ‘Korea tour’ in Seoul and Incheon on June 8 and 10, respectively, as the Italian Serie A and Spanish Primera Liga league schedules will end on June 4. Already on the 3rd (hereafter Korean time), Italian media outlets reported impatiently about Naples’ Korean tour.

However, holding an invitational match for an overseas team in June is bound to be embroiled in controversy over its appropriateness. This is because the K-League 1 and K-League 2 matches are scheduled for June 10th. Regarding this, the Korea Professional Football Federation, which supervises the K-League, is clearly opposing it.

In a phone call with Sports Chosun on the 5th, an official from the federation said, “It is inappropriate to hold an invitational match for an overseas team that will take away attention when the K-League is at its most intense in the week before the A match. It is a match day with 3 matches each for the 2018 and K League 2. We have made it clear to other promoters who have explored the possibility of matches with foreign teams at that time that the timing is inappropriate.”

It is clear why Napoli and Mallorca have to play in Korea in early June. It is because the transfer of Kim Min-jae and Lee Kang-in, loved by Korean soccer fans, is underway. There is only early June available for commercial use before they leave the team. Above all, Kim Min-jae has to undergo basic military training in June.

The Korea Football Association (KFA), which has the authority to approve invitational games for foreign teams in Korea, is also in a position that it will be difficult to approve in June. A high-ranking official from the association said, “The association will adhere to the great principle that the national league is the top priority. Approval for event-type matches on the date of the domestic league match is negative.”

To the question, “Shouldn’t Korean soccer fans’ desire to see Kim Min-jae and Lee Kang-in also be taken into account?”, he replied, “Obviously, this part should also be considered. It’s a period. In particular, Lee Kang-in has the possibility to participate in the Hangzhou Asian Games. We can’t help but consider the aspect of player protection.”

He continued, “From the fans’ point of view, it can be considered as a disappointment, but the K-League is receiving more attention from fans this season. June is the ‘hot’ time of the season. Team invitation matches can only be considered for commercial use. I wonder if the fans will understand that part. The association’s position on what is the priority is to respect the opinions of affiliated federations that run their own leagues,” he emphasized.온라인카지노

Invitations to overseas teams must be submitted through the association one month prior to the game. However, advance arrangements are required one month in advance. In response, an official from the association said, “There was no discussion with the association about the date of the Napoli-Mallorca match. There was not even an explanation. The frustrating thing is that the official procedure was a month away, but the unapproved introduction of the match was first reported through foreign media. Universal procedure It’s not. It’s a pity. The situation with Juventus in 2019 has been greatly recognized in Korea. Regarding such matches, the association is approaching more carefully than the association. It is necessary to look more closely. It is regrettable from the association’s point of view,” he said.

Lastly, “This year, as many foreign teams as ever are expected to visit Korea. Five teams have already applied for July alone, including the Coupang Play series. In addition, seven teams, including Naples and Mallorca, are expected to come to Korea and play. “I am very careful. It is true that we provide something to see, but it must be delivered to the fans in a meaningful way. If there is a problem with the date, preparation process, or operation, it is the fans who will eventually suffer damage. From the association’s point of view, there have never been so many overseas teams, so “We need to take a closer look. However, regarding the June match, we shared and agreed with the federation. The association will not back down from the great principle that the national league comes first.”

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