Lee Sang-dae Dropped in the Quarterfinals Again. Coagulation advances to the first semifinals – Wellbang PBA Championship

January 23, 2023 0 Comments

Lee Sang-dae got off to a good start. In the quarterfinals of the ‘2023 Welcome Savings Bank Wellbang PBA Championship’ held on the 23rd (Bitmaru Broadcasting Support Center), the first set was set at 15:12.

In the 4th inning when he scored 11 points, he committed a time foul and the updraft fell a little, but there was nothing wrong with winning. 헤라카지노

Judging from the condition of the first set, it looked like it would be easy to win. However, from the second set, his condition suddenly dropped and he struggled with empty shots. Total of 3 sets was 6 points.

Coagulation won 15:2 with 11 consecutive hits in 2 sets and 6 innings, and then won the 3rd set 15:1 with 7 consecutive hits in 2 innings and 5 consecutive hits in 3 innings.

Coagulation won the 4th set 15:3 with 4 consecutive innings of attack, including 7 consecutive hits in 1 inning.

Lee Sang-dae, whose shot was strangely shaken, could not break through the wall in the quarterfinals again.

Lee Sang-dae reached the finals in the Hana Card competition and took second place, but collapsed in the quarterfinals in three competitions.

Coagulation is the first time in the PBA semifinals. Round of 16 was the best.

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