“Lee Kang-in persuaded” Mallorca manager remains confident

January 27, 2023 0 Comments

Director Javier Aguirre had a personal interview with Lee Kang-in and persuaded him to stay. 

Spain’s ‘Radio Marca’ had an interview with director Aguirre on the 27th (Korean time). Director Aguirre mentioned the issue of Lee Kang-in’s future in this interview. 

Coach Aguirre said, “Lee Kang-in talked to me. He said he was a very important player to the team. Franco Russo came to ask me to let him go. The reason was because he was playing as a five-back. I explained the reason to him. Brian Coupre also came to say he wanted to play.” 

“I told Lee Kang-in about my experience at Leganes. It was when En Nesiri and Martin Braithwaite left. I played 5-3-2 there too and they were the most important strikers. I repeated that experience to Lee Kang-in again. He said he didn’t want to play. He’s a very important player to me whether he plays or not. He can find a thousand ways to move to a better team. Everyone can understand. Here he gets a lot of love. Personally. is the player I appreciate the most since he came here. At the beginning of the season, I asked him to be the star and he reciprocated with his plays, goals and assists. He is an important player for the team.” 

Lee Kang-in received offers from many teams in the transfer market this winter. According to many foreign media, Aston Villa, Brighton & Hove Albion, and Atletico Madrid have shown interest in Lee Kang-in. He also came up with a specific transfer fee of 10 million euros (approximately 13.4 billion won).  토토사이트

However, Mallorca said they could not sell Lee Kang-in. He expressed his position that he would not accept the offer unless it was a buyout of 17 million euros (approximately 22.8 billion won). Lee Kang-in indirectly expressed his anger by unfollowing Mallorca on Instagram. 

Mallorca desperately needs Lee Kang-in to survive. Lee Kang-in played 20 games this season, going back and forth between La Liga and Copa del Rey. He has grown into a key offensive resource for the team, recording 2 goals and 4 assists. He leads Mallorca’s attack with Vedat Muriki, the team’s top scorer. 

Coach Aguirre led Leganes in the 2019-2020 season and had the experience of being relegated after losing two key strikers in the winter transfer market. The first half finished in mid-table, but after losing strikers, their performance plummeted in the second half. He told Lee Kang-in about this experience and asked him to stay.

Director Aguirre said, “I think Lee Kang-in was persuaded,” and put weight on the retention. 

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