Lee Chun-woong “I didn’t gamble” → ‘Sent to the prosecution’ The end of the shepherd boy

July 28, 2023 0 Comments

It’s like a hoe blocked with phlegm.

Lee Ik-woong, who is suspected of ‘illegal gambling’, has been sent to the prosecutor’s office. On March 27, the Gwangjin Police Station in Seoul announced that it had “recently sent Lee Ik-woong, who is suspected of gambling, to the prosecutor’s office.”바카라

Lee is suspected of illegally gambling on the internet by using a fictitious account.

“It is understood that the police summoned him for an investigation and confirmed the number of times he gambled and the specific amount of gambling,” the police said. In addition, a warrant was issued to trace his account, and it was discovered that he used a fictitious account in another person’s name to gamble online. As a result, Lee will be tried in the future.

In March, the KBO received a report of illegal online gambling through the Clean Baseball Center. The LG Baseball Club then conducted a fact-finding process with its players, who reportedly denied the allegations.

LG believed in Lee and gave him a chance to play, including including him in the roster, but he betrayed the club’s trust. In April, the KBO decided to ask prosecutors to investigate Lee’s alleged illegal online gambling after deliberations by an investigation committee and later informed LG.

At the time, LG conducted its own investigation by interviewing Lee, but he did not admit to gambling. In mid-April, he finally admitted to the charges and was sent to prison.

Lee lied and delayed multiple opportunities to come clean, which could result in severe punishment.

According to Article 151 of the KBO’s current rules, the penalty for illegal internet gambling is “suspension from participation for one month or more, or suspension from traveling for 30 games or more, and a fine of 3 million won or more.

However, there is a clause in the article that states that if the player fails to report the incident to his club or the KBO within 10 days of the incident, the sanction will be “aggravated. As such, Lee is expected to be disciplined by the LG team and the KBO depending on the outcome.

Once a fan favorite as LG’s leadoff man, Lee has struggled in the last three years. He has lost his outfield spot to several other players. He gambled heavily when he should have been sweating to get out of his slump.

He had earned his spot through hard work as a developmental player. Fans wanted to see this side of Lee again, but gambling and lying destroyed their faith in him. The end of The Shepherd Boy left an “indelible sense of betrayal.

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