‘Last-place’ Samsung, change all 2 foreign players “Recruit Willis Moss”

January 12, 2023 0 Comments

 All foreign players were changed within one day of the trade.

Seoul Samsung announced on the 12th, “We will replace all two foreign players. We will pack foreign players with Darral Willis (26, 201cm) and Anthony Moss (29, 202cm).” 토토사이트

“Willis is expected to bring vitality to the attack because of his speed and skill-based scoring ability. Moss is a fighting big man who combines power and speed and is evaluated as a resource to be responsible for the bottom of the goal,” he explained the background of the recruitment. .

Recently, Samsung fell to the bottom of the league with 8 consecutive losses. A situation that needs a rebound somehow. On the 11th, Samsung traded Lim Dong-seop to Changwon LG for Choi Seung-wook, and a day later on the 12th, Samsung traded a foreign player as well.

The two foreign players plan to join Samsung after completing the player registration process, including medical tests.

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