‘Last Chance’ Chung Chansung, will he get the ‘Cozom Upset’ this time?

August 20, 2023 0 Comments

UFC fighter Chan Sung Jung, 36, is an attractive fighter. He has a good balance of striking and grappling skills and a high level of fighting intelligence. He has a lot of experience in the sport and has been able to adapt to his opponents. In addition, he is very good at adapting to the situation in the fight. He’s been nicknamed the “Korean Zombie” for his fiery matches where he looks like he’s about to collapse but keeps moving forward.

He also has another title, “Upset Expert. He’s overcome odds against him many times. He has a skill set that can’t be explained by objective measures. He goes into a match knowing exactly what his opponent’s strengths and weaknesses are. He strategizes to erase his opponent’s strengths and exploit their weaknesses. This is why Chung has survived and reigned as a top fighter in the UFC Octagon.

The ‘Korean Zombie’ is up for another challenge. He’ll take on “Blessed” Max Holloway at UFC Fight Night on Nov. 26 at the Singapore Indoor Stadium. His current rankings speak for themselves. Chan Sung Jung is ranked No. 8 in the UFC featherweight division, while Holloway is No. 1. Chung was once ranked as high as #3, and Holloway is a powerhouse with a former championship.

Expect a disadvantage. In striking, Holloway’s walls look high. With the best striking ability in the entire UFC, many experts are predicting Holloway’s dominance, but there’s a “what if” factor. That’s because of the Nose Upset. Chung has a long history of upsetting the odds and winning big. He surprised his fans by securing the perfect victory without luck.

Some people have called him a mismatch. But you never know. Especially when the ‘upset specialist’ Chung Chan-sung is involved. He’s beaten the likes of Dustin Poirier, Dennis Bermudez, and Henatu Moicano, all against heavy odds. He completely defied the odds. This time around, he’s looking for a ‘nose-to-nose upset’ against the No. 1 ranked Holloway.토토사이트

He is now in his mid-30s. He has had to accept disappointing results in his two championship attempts. Perhaps this is his last chance, and if he can pull off another ‘nosebleed upset’, he’ll be able to start sketching out a third Champion Challenge. On the other hand, a loss will only push him further away from the top. Chung Chan-sung is faced with another great opportunity.

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