Kim Hyung-beom, who was serious about ‘Benverge’ “Domestic directors do that too”

December 15, 2022 0 Comments

Reporter Kim Song-i = Football commentator Kim Hyung-beom, a former national team member, made a point, saying, “Korean fans suddenly changed their attitude towards coach Bento when they advanced to the round of 16.”

On the 14th, commentator Kim Hyung-beom (38) appeared on YouTube’s “Channel Success” and honestly expressed his thoughts on coach Bento while analyzing the semifinal match between Argentina and Croatia.

While acknowledging Bento’s achievements in the round of 16, Commissioner Kim drew the line that his build-up soccer did not change a huge part of Korean soccer.

Commissioner Kim pointed out the ‘pot spirit’ of soccer fans, saying, “In the process of preparing for the World Cup, coach Bento showed anxiety and there were many dissatisfied fans, but suddenly people were praising him too much.”

He said, “If the World Cup results were bad, the arrows of criticism would not have been a joke. But the fans all suddenly changed and called ‘Benverge’,” he said. .

He also said, “There are many expressions about the composition of the Qatar World Cup players, but I think it would have been this much even if it was a domestic coach.” I do,” he said firmly.

Commissioner Kim analyzed, “It is correct to say that Bento coach has changed (in the World Cup),” saying, “Coach Bento has made more use of the characteristics of Korean football.” 안전놀이터

He continued, “Of course, I was able to play soccer in the World Cup because I had been working on the basic build-up. I admit it, but I wasn’t a member that couldn’t do it.”

He emphasized, “I’m not disparaging coach Bento,” but “Coach Bento only played too tough games every time. It’s hard to say that Korea did the best in build-up soccer. We play defense soccer, organizational soccer, and dedication soccer. I did. It’s true,” he said.

There was a strong backlash from soccer fans over Commissioner Kim’s remarks. Many people say, “All they say is to disparage the performance, but they insist that they do not disparage it”, “If a domestic coach had gone to the round of 16, they would have praised it, but they are only strict with foreign coaches”, “Has Korea ever done it with such a high share? He pointed out Commissioner Kim’s remarks by giving opinions such as, “I have not even lived as a director, and I speak blindly.”

Some voices agreed with his thoughts, saying, “It’s not about covering Bento, it’s about overdoing it.”

On the other hand, Vice Chairman Kim Byeong-ji of the Korea Football Association also received criticism after expressing a similar opinion to Commissioner Kim on the CBS ‘Kim Hyun-jung’s News Show’ on the 6th. Vice-Chairman Kim said, “There were actually a lot of things I was worried about for Bentoho while preparing for the 4th year.”

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