Ki Woo-um, show no shame in front of Hwasoo Lee’s deputy

June 25, 2023 0 Comments

Every year when June 25th rolls around, I get a little sad.

The beginning and end of a season can bring a pang of sadness to my heart, but June 25 is a very sad date. Not only because it’s the anniversary of the start of the Korean War and we shouldn’t forget those scars, but also because it’s the anniversary of the passing of someone who was the perfect supporting actor in Grow Up Heroes. We’re talking about Hwasoo Daeri, who made everyone feel good with his friendly smile. It’s also a day that makes his title, which stops at “deputy,” seem even more unfortunate.토토사이트

A name that comes to mind every year on this day,
The late Hwa-soo Lee, PR team of Kium Heroes

Thirteen years ago today, it was after 9pm. The news broke at Mokdong Baseball Stadium, where the game was in full swing. Hwa-soo Lee, a member of the PR team, had passed away. Everyone who received the press release was stunned for a moment. This was understandable, as it was the news of the passing of someone who, until just a year ago, was the first person to run into the Mokdong Baseball Stadium press room and make everyone feel good with her characteristic greeting of “Welcome!”. He was a man who appreciated the little things and always had a positive smile on his face, even when the club was in a difficult situation.

In particular, 2009 was one of the most difficult years for the Heroes, when the organization was without a main sponsor. The reporters in charge of the team also shared the sadness and continued to communicate, but only Lee Hwa-soo never lost his characteristic smile. “The main sponsor will appear without fail. Just wait and see!” he said with confidence, and I couldn’t help but think, “Ah, if there is someone so sincere in the organization, it won’t be long before the Heroes regain the majesty of the modern kingdom!

Also, whenever I think of him, the lion’s word that comes to mind is “first to serve and then to be served.” Lee Hwa-soo is a person who loves the team and thinks of the team first. He always wanted more than anyone else to be the face of Korean professional baseball, without ever taking the initiative himself. He was a true professional who took on the role of a ‘supporting actor’ that no one else was willing to take on. For example, in the middle of a game, when Cliff Broomba, the Heroes’ steady No. 4 hitter, became frustrated with the umpire’s decision, Hwasoo Lee was seen on the broadcast screen calmly heading to the dugout to calm him down. The players trusted and liked her so much that they wore ribbons of their own when she passed away.

For me, who was just starting out in journalism after leaving the military, Hwasoo Lee was literally a “veteran front desk staff. She was the most genuine person I’ve ever met. At one point, I had the opportunity to chat with him on the ground, and the topic was related to the main sponsor. As if on cue, he said, “Our CEO is amazing. Even when things are tough, he never runs out of money. Later, when we hear about the main sponsor deal, I’ll show you the text he sent me, and it will be very interesting for you to write about it.” He expressed his love for the club. So when the news of the main sponsor signing came after the season, he was more than happy to see me from his hospital bed, and he promised me: “Look, journalist, you said you’re signing, I’ll see you at the stadium!” Today I wonder why I didn’t fulfill that promise and go there first.

No matter what, he never let anyone who visited the stadium leave empty-handed. In particular, I was covering all the high school baseball tournaments held at Mokdong in addition to the Heroes, but how did he know that, and he even called me up and offered me a drink for my trouble, so there was a story that said, ‘If there is someone who curses Lee Hwa-soo, that person is a real bad person’.

Although she was always looking out for others, she never stepped up to the plate when it came to her own affairs. In particular, when she announced her marriage after the 2009 season, I said, “I’ll be the first to handle the press release,” and she took the initiative. I had already assured the head of the PR team (Kim Ki-young at the time) that I would never issue a press release about my marriage. However, Kim Ki-young, who knew how he felt, went ahead and sent out a press release to the reporters with the news and two photos of Hwasoo’s wedding. All the reporters in charge, including this writer, were happy and published their articles in unison.

But to add insult to injury, Ms. Jeon Eun-kyung, Hwasoo’s eternal lovebird, was also very grateful. When she heard the news of Lee’s passing, she lamented, “Oh, you wicked man, how could you leave such a good wife behind?” She was so grateful that she bowed her head first and expressed her heartfelt gratitude for any kindness that might seem insignificant to others.

It’s been 13 years since he left. If he were alive today, he would have cried tears of joy as he watched the team advance to the Korean Series and change sponsors twice. He would have been promoted to a higher position than ‘deputy’ and would have served as a team leader, so it’s quite regrettable that he didn’t get to see Heroes grow so much when he was alive. However, I’m sure that the Hwasoo Lee I know is smiling from heaven at the current state of Heroes.

In honor of his memory, let’s hope that the Kiwoom team can win or lose at least one game on the 25th and put on an unabashed performance in front of the departed Hwasoo. May Hwa-soo Lee rest in eternal peace, watching baseball to his heart’s content in heaven.

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