Khabib junior Makhachev, a tough decision win over Volkanovski… 1st defense of the UFC title

February 14, 2023 0 Comments

UFC lightweight champion Islam Makhachev (31, Russia) defeated UFC featherweight champion Alexander Volkanovski (34, Australia).

On the 12th, in the UFC 284 main event lightweight title fight held in Perth, Australia, Volkanovski, who challenged the two weight division champions by lifting the weight class, beat Volkanovski by a 3-0 decision (48-47, 48-47, 49-46) at the end of the 5th round and won the title 1 I succeeded in defending the car.

Makhachev, wary of Volkanovski’s blows, seldom showed his true colors, but after the middle of the first round, he clung to Volkanovski. He aimed for a rear naked choke from behind.

In the second round, Makachev kicked a neck clinch knee and caught Volkanovski in a wrestling fight. Volkanovski’s resistance was strong and he couldn’t quite suppress it, but it was enough to make Volkanovski’s head complicated.

He grabbed the middle 토토사이트of the octagon and landed a menacing left punch as he approached Volkanovski.

Makachev is a master of Dagestan chain wrestling. I quickly switched from neck clinch to single leg takedown and two leg takedown.

As expected of a fighter who debuted at welterweight, Volkanovski did not lose his strength. However, in the 4th round, he was dragged to the floor by Makachev’s surprise bottom tackle.

Makachev locked the body triangle in the back position to catch Volkonovski and saw an opportunity for a rear naked choke.

Volkanovski was also a winner. In the 5th round, he blocked Makachev’s wrestling and launched a wrestling attack. The concentration was great until the end. He landed a punch with his right hand and damaged Makachev, raising the possibility of a comeback.

With the idea of ​​giving round 5, Makachev focused on tying Volkanovski down at guard position. In the end, Makachev, who received a 10-9 score from the judges in three of the previous four rounds, won by decision.

Makachev won 12 consecutive wins, recording a total of 25 wins, 24 wins and 1 loss. He is running well with the baton inherited from team senior Khabib Nurmagomedov.

Following Conor McGregor, Daniel Cormier, Amanda Nunes, and Henry Cejudo, Volkanovski was aiming for the simultaneous UFC title in both weight divisions, but was unable to overcome the mighty Makachev by a single margin.

Unfortunately, the winning streak that started in 2013 was broken. After finishing his 22-fight win streak, he now needs to go back to featherweight and focus on defending his title.

On the same day, in the co-main event, he won a triangle choke submission victory over Josh Emmett and will fight Yair Rodriguez, who became the featherweight interim champion, later in the unification title fight.

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