Kane opened his mouth to transfer rumors “Focus only on this season”

January 25, 2023 0 Comments

Even after time passes, the popularity in the transfer market remains the same.

Harry Kane transfer rumors continue. Kane’s contract with Tottenham ends in the summer of 2024. If Tottenham wants to collect a huge transfer fee, he will have to turn into a seller this summer.

First of all, Tottenham chairman Daniel Levy has no intention of selling Kane. There was also a local report in the UK that he would be negotiating a renewal contract with Kane in February. 스포츠토토

Looking across Europe, it is hard to find a striker who consistently scores every season like Kane. This season, too, he is second in the Premier League with 16 goals.

He scored 21 goals -25 goals -29 goals -30 goals -17 goals -18 goals -23 goals -17 goals in the last 8 seasons. Including cup competitions and European competitions, he always scores more than 20 goals every season. In Tottenham alone, he tied the record for the most goals in the club’s history with 266 goals.

Of course, there are many teams that are salivating over the signing of Kane. Manchester City went to the brink of signing Kane in the summer two years ago, but was blown away by opposition from Tottenham. Recently, Bayern Munich and Manchester United have openly expressed their interest.

Kane is cautious. He was born in 1993 and is in his 30s. He knows that this is the moment when his worth is at its peak.

It is Kane who has not won a single championship trophy during his playing career. There are many expectations that he can leave Tottenham to win the championship, but there are also rumors that he can “stay if the situation is right”.

Asked about the possibility of a transfer, Kane said, “I just want to focus on this season. There will always be talk about my future. I just want to do my job on the pitch. UEFA Champions League, FA Cup and Premier League matches. I’m only focusing on it,” he said sparingly.

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